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After going to the Colorado Rapids game a couple weeks ago, my wife and I are hooked. We've been looking into buying season passes, but after looking over the schedule we found out the 4 ticket package was better for us, so we bought tickets in the 'The Fort' section for four games this season, including the game that was played last night (May 31, 2009) against DC United. Before I get into specifics, let me say it was a fabulous game. We didn't take our good camera though, so pictures from my phone and not the greatest quality. 

New England Revolution vs DC United from The Fort

Being in 'The Fort' made it much more fun, standing, chanting, yelling, and cheering the Revs on. A bigger crowd in general turned out for this match, as DC United is a very popular team, which was good because it turned out to be an intense game.

I'll be honest, in the beginning I thought Revolution was going to get crushed. After the embarassing 6-0 loss against Real Salt Lake and the mistakes they made constantly in the Colorado game, I didn't think they stood a chance against DC United. I was very pleasantly surprised.

The game started out very slow for the Revs. Very similar mistakes to the Colorado game. No pressure on the offense, bad passes, and throwing the ball away for no reason. DC scored quickly and it seemed it would be a disapointing evening. The mood however changed completley after Shalrie Joseph made a great header for a goal to that tied the game. 

Revs came back from half time like a whole different team. They cleaned up some of their passes and actually put pressure on the offense. It was clear DC United was slowing down. Revs kept up the pressure and after a few yellow cards on each side and some bad ref calls, the game got really intense. There were definetely a handfull of personal scuffs near the game as it got more intense. It all ended in an intense goal kick by Steve Ralston in the last 2 minutes of the game. It was in, Revolution won, 2-1 in a tremendous victory. 

It was an important team for the Revs. Up to this point they've been playing a game of maintaning. Overall they've lacked unity in their strategy and aggressiveness taking it to the goal. The later half of this game changed that. Time will tell ifthat chane holds up. I sure hope they do. They showed last night what their potential is. It was a proud night for New England fans. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do in future matches. 


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