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The point guard position is basically the most important position on the basketball court. The PG is the player who is expected to lead the team on the floor like a quarterback leads a football team.

There is a big difference between a combo guard and a point guard, and players like Allen Iverson and Eddie House won't be included in this list, but as of right now, here are my top 10 best free agent point guards going into this offseason.


1. Steve Nash -  Not many of you know, but the Phoenix Suns have a team option on Nash, but even if they decide to let him go, they will still owe him over $8 million. This could be an interesting decision, as Steve Nash is 35 and isn't getting any better. A trade could be more possible than anything, as Phoenix is looking to get younger and fresher.

Nash is still a star point guard, but there aren't very many playing days ahead of him. He can shoot, he can pass, he can do it all...except for defense. That's why I'm not sure a team should go after Nash that is looking for defense. Nothing more than a 3-year deal would be stupid by any team.



2. Raymond Felton - I am really in love with Felton. His greatest strength are his athleticism and quickness, but he can basically do anything. His court vision and ball handling make him a pass first point guard, something we don't have as much in this league anymore, so any championship team in need of a point guard should take a strong look at him.

He isn't perfect, and his only weaknesses are that he needs to cut down the turnovers and improve his jump shot, both of which can be improved by good coaching. And remember, he is only 24, so there is much more to come from him. And with the situation in Charlotte with DJ Augustin and him fighting for a starting job, I'm sure he would love to play for Miami, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, or any other team in need of a point guard.


3. Ramon Sessions - Spectacular young player with great potential...with only limited NBA experience, he could only get better. He doesn't play any defense, so staying in Milwaukee and playing under Scott Skiles could help out his game, even though that probably won't happen. Charlie Villanueva and Sessions are both restricted free agents, so signing both of them will not happen.

He will turn into a starting point guard with upside, no doubt, but I'm not sure he can turn into a All-Star player. He is a legitamite scorer. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. If he doesn't return to the Bucks, look for the Sixers or Hawks to take a look at him.


4. Andre Miller - So many rumors have been flying around about him going to several teams every since he skipped the 76ers' season-ending team meeting. He is a savvy veteran who can help any team out with his leadership and scoring ability. With Philly hiring Eddie Jordan, they also might be willing to have a new point guard as well.

Miller, in my mind, fits in well with Portland, Atlanta, Dallas, or Miami. There are about 5 teams fighting for 5 point guards, and who knows how things will end up? But don't count out the Pistons, who are looking for a leader, and in I think Rodney Stuckey is more of a SG.


5. Mike Bibby - Bibby has been a solid all-around player for the Hawks this year. He led them to the 2nd round, but don't be surprised if Atlanta lets him go after a good point guard prospect fall to them at #19 in the draft. Bibby is a good three-point shooter, but he might not have that much left in the tank.

Atlanta has some cap space this summer, so an upgrade at the point should be one of their top priorities behind getting another big man.


6. Jason Kidd - At his age, it's hard to tell you what you'll get, but Jason Kidd proved he can still play. He is good enough on defense to guard bigger guards, and he always has been a team-first leader on the court.

I'm sure Dallas would love to have him back, but that might not be his best option. He is on the decline of his career, but any team will want to sign him to a reasonable price.


7. Nate Robinson - The dunk champ might be headed into a complicated offseason. New York wants to save money and dump salary, so signing a player like Robinson might not be to their likings.

Robinson is a fan favorite, so if he would be willing to sign to a smaller contract, the NYK would be glad to do that. But if that doesn't work out, how many teams really want a small, shoot-first point guard on their team?


8. Jarrett Jack - Jack played both guard positions this year, so it is hard to predict what he is suited for. Indiana has TJ Ford and Travis Diener, so a new location might be the best option for him.

I can see him being a very reliable sixth man for any team that invests the money into him. Plus, he is very young and averaged over 13 points this season for the Pacers.


9. Shannon Brown - With his recent playoff performances with the Lakers, I'm sure many teams will try to persue him. He is a amazing athlete who can do a little bit of everything. If you put him on your team, he will understand his role and play his hardest every night.

I'm sure the Lakers won't be the only team fighting to keep Brown, who likely won't be very expensive.


10. CJ Watson - Not the best point guard option, but he works hard and is a solid backup point guard. He has a lot of toughness and scoring ability.

He is a restricted free agent, and the Warriors don't have a true point guard, so he will probably stay in Golden State.


Other Options: Stephon Marbury, Anthony Carter, Bobby Jackson


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