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In my last post, I made the case for Stephen Curry at six. The Wolves also own the 18th pick in the draft. And if we don't package it in a trade for a veteran, I think we have a chance to get a good contributor there.

 A couple different scenarios, based on what the Wolves do with the sixth pick:

 If, like I think we should, we land Curry sixth, we'd have a few options at 18. I think we go with an athletic wing player who can defend and rebound. There's a chance that either Gerald Henderson or James Johnson falls to 18. If one of them is there, and we drafted Curry sixth, we should snap them up. I particularly like Johnson, a 6'8" beast of a small forward. He's an explosive athlete, he rebounds really well, and he's a serious kickboxer. If that's not the toughness the Wolves line-up needs, I don't know what is. He's pretty skilled offensively, and he'd also act as the muscle of the team, an enforcer type.

Here's the Wolves roster situation with these two picks: Curry, Love, and Jefferson forming a potential "Big Three" of sorts, with those three handling much of the offensive load at the 1, 4, and 5 spots (and the two big guys also cleaning up the glass). Then, for the two wing positions, you'd have a rotation that would include two shooters in Randy Foye and Mike Miller, and three athletes who can defend and rebound in Johnson, Corey Brewer, and Rodney Carney. Add Sebastian Telfair as the backup point and Craig Smith/Cheap Free Agent Center X for a few minutes a night in the post, and that's a line up that could go somewhere.

Another Scenario: The caveat to my whole Curry rant was that James Harden, a skilled all-around shooting guard in the Manu Ginobili mold, gets picked in the top 5. If for some reason he doesn't (Griffin-Rubio-Thabeet go in the top 3, then Sacramento takes Jrue Holiday and Washington takes Jordan Hill, perhaps?) we should take him sixth. I think he's too good to pass up. But if that scenario, as unlikely as it is, were to play out, then we would ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO take one of the mid-tier point guards at 18. I could live with a Harden-Maynor or a Harden-Lawson upgrade to the backcourt. Telfair would be the change-of-pace backup point guard he's meant to be, and Foye would assume the sixth-man scorer's role that he's best suited for.

One final scenario: And this one is the most far-fetched. But apparently Oklahoma City, sitting at number 3, really really likes Curry. They could be looking to trade down and select him in a more reasonable slot. Sixth would be a good place for them. I think the Wolves have the resources to trade up with them. Maybe the sixth, 28th, 47th picks, plus Brian Cardinal's expiring contract? That would give us the chance to take either Rubio or Thabeet third, and then a point guard (if we take Thabeet) or one of the aforementioned wing players (if we take Rubio) at 18.

The bottom line is, this draft may not be as weak as it seems on the surface, and for all of McHale's failures, he's set the new regime up very nicely to improve the roster in this draft. There are going to be alot of options, and a lot of flexibility. Let's just hope Kahn is competent enough to not screw it up.


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