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Hello and welcome back to The SoccerNation Report!  Today will cover all the latest news in the soccer world and you will receive insight about it.  Alright, here we go.



The Big Deal- Real Madrid have once again found a new manager.  Manuel Pellegrini, Chilean by birth, is set to take the biggest job of his career.  A now world-renowned manager, Pellegrini has won the Copa Sudamericana with San Lorenzo of Argentina and has even held the post of manager of Rive Plate, one of Argentina's most successful sides ever.  In 2004, he came over to Villareal and has done a great job with one of the smaller teams in Europe.  During his stint, Pellegrini used the help of Juan Ramon Riquelme to consistently stay in European play.  In the 2005-2006 Champions League, Villareal were one kick away from the Barca and the Champions League final.  After Riquelme's penalty was saved, he wasn't the same player and has since faded away from Europe.  He now plays for Boca Juniors in Argentina, but still has the skill to set Europe on fire.  I'd love to see him back, but that is way off-topic.  Since his departure, Pellegrini has still done a great job with the Yellow Submarine.  They made it to the Quarter-Finals this year and even finished 2nd place in La Liga last term.  Real Madrid have made a grand signing of a loyal man.  If given time, Pellegrini will do wonders for the club.  Real Madrid will, of course, need to shift their focus from Germanic (Dutch, English, German) players to Latin (Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Argentine) players if they are to succeed with him, however.  I'm not saying that they should completely rid the Dutch of Madrid, but they must play the style Pellegrini knows, or it will horribly fail.  Real Madrid need a facelift, and this is the right man for the job.





Something Interesting- Barry to City?  Gareth Barry, a much sought after center midfielder from Aston Villa, is now reportedly in talks with Manchester City.  The world's richest club is now in the sweepstakes for almost all players in the world that have any kind of upside.  Barry has been desperate to play in the UEFA Champions League and has been close to signing with Liverpool and even Arsenal in the past.  The midfielder's value has, however, went down in the last year and this could be a huge burden on City.  He's a good player, but I don't think that City should spend ??18million for a player that isn't all that much of a star anymore (if he ever was).  City already have De Jong and Ireland in the center of the field and those two are just as good, if not better, than Barry can be.  Barry does need a change, just not to City.  If City want to upgrade in the center of the park, then they need to take a look at a Fabregas-type player.  If you're going to spend big money, make it a great, not a good player.  City really need (and I think they will) bolster their side this summer with anothe big name- but this just isn't the way to go right now.



 Gareth Barry



One More Thing- Liverpool to sign Brazilian striker?  Cleber, a Cruzeiro striker, has stated that Liverpool have contacted him about a potential move to Anfield.  The Brazilian absolutely loves Brazil, having once transferred back for Europe.  He would like to stay at home, but he stated that he'd stay in Brazil if they could afford it.  He's a pretty good scorer when given the chance, but I just don't see where he'd fit in at Liverpool.  I guess he could come off the bench and be a safety net.  He'd be a much better one than David N'Gog and Nabil El Zhar the moment.  We shall see what happens.  His transfer fee is rumored to be around ??6million.







Today's Games- Nigeria @ France and Germany @ United Arab Emirates.  Check them out if you can find them.




Classic Match of the Day- Since you probably won't be able to find the aformentioned games, I'll give you a classic match to watch instead.










We'll I hope you liked it.  To continue your soccer experience, click here.  It's been Keeper and I'm out.






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