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Earlier today, I read a post in the T&R section regarding the confirmation of Zinedine Zidane (aka Zizou) as "Special Assistant" to Flor Perez.  The announcement was met with a misguided comment from a poster who asked:

"Will he stand outside the away team Bernabeu's lockeroom, headbutting players on their way to the pitch? I don't see how Real could make use of him otherwise..."

My initial reaction was to take said offender out behind the virtual woodshed and lay a verbal beating on him that would make Ike Turner look like a Swedish Masseur.  After all, this is Zizou we're talking about, show some resepct!  However, after taking a moment to compose myself (and down a couple of Grey Goose and tonics) I got to thinking; perhaps there is a way that Real Madrid could make good use of possibly the most intimidating and formidable mellon on God's green Earth.  And than it struck me, an ongoing series of blogs dedicated to identifying potential targets for the wrecking ball better known as Zizou's cranium.  With that, I give you the first installment/target:

The Spanish Media

That's right, ALL OF YOU.  Whether it's the print media, most notably AS and Marca, or Cadena SER on the radio.   You are all a bunch of rumor mongering **** who do nothing more than undermine the club through your irresponsible action.

 CFRM has arguably become the most hated club in the world.  Not because they are beating the pants off everyone, not because they have accumulated all of the game's finest, but because they are linked with EVERY SINGLE player and move that gets reported.  Now I'm not saying that Madrid doesn't hold some accountability in this area, but 9 times out of 10 the stories coming from these media outlets are the product of the imagination of some backroom hack who is likely required to provide some tantalizing tidbit, even if none exists. 

Consider for a moment how much more difficult the current environment is for the Madrid brass to work in.  Aside from the disdain that's been created toward the club, it's pretty tough to negotiate a fair price on actual targets when everything is floating around.  Now you may be inclined to ask: "well if it's out there, than aren't the news outlets reporting the truth?".  No, because just last week Marca linked my dog to Flor's party.  Literally anyone or anything that has ever even seen a soccer ball is supposedly a target for Madrid.  There are plenty of cliches that work here, take your pick: "Even a broken clock is right twice per day", "Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn from time to time", you get the point...

Now consider what this does to the players in question.  Once the link is created in the press, it's inevitable that the questions will arise.  Now the player is in a no-win situation.  If they admit to having ambitions, they're branded a traitor by the current club; if they deny the link and it comes to bear, they're liars after the fact. 

Again, let me reiterate, Perez, Calderon, Balouda, et al; have to share the responsibility.  But they're suits, we expect as much from suits,  but how about if the media sticks to reporting facts and leaves the prognosticating to Dionne Warwick...


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