New to New England

I'll be honest, before moving to New England I knew absolutely nothing about baseball. After they took away Tee and started throwing the ball at me, I quit playing. We had a city team, I went to a game once with my dad, but that's only because he somehow got a few free tickets. So you can imagine my surprise when we moved to New England to find that Baseball is life for a lot of people.

Living almost exactly half way from NYC to Boston, we were thrown literally in the middle of the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry. I knew nothing of either team and have been trying to catch up and getting a feel to see what side of the fence we fall on. 

 Last year I had a great opportunity to watch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, so this year I wanted to give the new Yankee Stadium a try. 

Sadly I was not able to attend a game at the old Yankee stadium last year, so I can't really compare it to the old one. I've been to several other stadiums, but I have to say, this one is definetely the most impressive. 

You know it's a different kind of stadium and experience right when you step in the gates with things like The Great Hall(picture below). As you walk around the levels of the stadium there are lots of little museum type displays, quality shops, and impressive food selection. As a previous pr/ad student, I was actually really impressed with how they set up their concessions. That probably seems nerdy, but the consistant approach to how they setup their food vendors while maintaining variety and classic style was perfectly executed in my opinion. Of course that doesn't overcome the fact that everything costs $10, but you don't go to professional sport stadiums for a good deal on hot dogs, am I right?


The sheer size of the stadium is very impressive. I have never been in a stadium of that size but I was impressed at the quality of the view from any area. I was sitting on the second level and felt like I had a great view of the game. At a couple points I went down to the first level to take a couple pictures and that was great too. We had some friends on the 4th level of the same game and they said their view of the game was really good too. So don't feel bad if you can't afford those thousand dollar seats, you can still have a great game higher up.


On that note, it's apparent not a lot of other people can afford those expensive bottom row seats either. I had read that they were having a hard time selling those tickets, but I saw it first hand. It's actually really sad to see a massive stadium like that, with packed fans in the nosebleed sections with a whole first floor section less than half full. 




All in all it was a great experience. I'll post another post on the game itself and the details, but I just wanted to write a litte bit about the stadium itself, as it was an experience unto itself.


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