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It's early, but football is always on the brain. I am going to run down my list of my top 8 @ QB, and Top 5 at each other position and update them as i see fits. (basically for my own good)


1. Drew Brees - Get's the edge over Brady for now..until i see a reason to change it. Brees has put up insane numbers and i dont see them stopping. Prediction : 37 Td's, 4600 yards

2. Tom Brady - Questions surrounding his health..but if he's ok to go..Prediction :expect 35-40 td's and 4300 yards

3. Philip Rivers - Performed at a high level last year, with many Fantasy owners hoping there is no decline. Low Int's and a High Td's make for a great option. Prediction: 3757 yards and 32 Td's

4. Peyton Manning- Expect what you always get...Prediction:25-30 Td's and 3700+ yards

5. Kurt Warner- We are waiting for him to just slow down..he's not going to with Fitzy and Boldin there. Prediction :Another year of 30 Td's sounds good to me with 4,000 yards

6. Aaron Rodgers- Welcome to the big board kid...Had an outstanding year last year and with any improvement could slide into the Top 5.  Prediction:24-29 Td's and 3800 yards

7. Jay Cutler - So the main question is, who's going to catch the ball for him? Wind/Cold = more Int's...Prediction :26 Td's,17 Int's and 4,000 Yards

8. Matt Ryan- Here's to you kid..The great white hype we all hope can perform. Last year he was solid, mainly used as a "bye" replacement to some..Only 16 Td's last year, but lets go out and hope for the best. Prediction: 21 Td's, 13 Int's and 3500 yards


1. Adrian Peterson - Clear cut #1. No need to ramble on about him. Prediction: 1900 yards and 15 td's.

2. Michael Turner- Im ranking him higher than most, but give me the rock. Huge season last year, and another year with Ryan under center helps with the workload. Prediction: 1500 yards and 16 Td's

3. Matt Forte- Another soph on the big board! Jay Cutler should help take the pressure off of Forte, and also help in the passing game where Forte does add up some reception's.Prediction: 1350 yards and 13 td's  + 40 Rec's and 5 td's

4. Steve Slaton- Im expecting big things this year from Slaton. Last year he was a "sleeper" pick in every draft, and now this year might be drafted in the first round. Aslong as he continues to stay healthy go with him! Prediction: 1475 yards and 12 Td's

5. DeAngelo Williams- He may not be a Top 5 guy in the next few month's, but right now based off last year's performance he's got the spot. Sharing carries w/ Stewart is going to hurt his value a bit, but lets keep him around and see what it brings. Prediction: 1200 yards, and 12 Td's


1. Larry Fitzgerald- A beast. Led the NFL in TD's with Calvin Johnson, look for another huge year. Prediction: 89 rec's,1400 yards and 11 Td's

2. Randy Moss- Guess who's back? Yes Tom **** Brady. Randy Moss had 11 Td's last year with Cassel, im looking for mid-double digits.Prediction: 83 rec's,18 Td's and 1500 yards

3. Andre Johnson- If your in a PPR league like me, he could be ranked #1 if his Td's were a little higher. Prediction: 108 rec's,1534 yards and 10 Td's.

4. Calvin Johnson- I dont care who's throwing him the ball...just throw it! A freak of nature, this burner with great hands should have a stellar season once again.Prediction: 80 rec's,1300 yards and 11 Td's

5. Greg Jennings - Aaron Rodgers has found his target, and he finds him often. I'm looking for a better season than last for Greg.Prediction: 86 rec's,1300 yards and 10 Td's


1. Jason Witten - With no TO there, Romo is going to fall in love again. Prediction: 88 rec's,1095 yards and 8 Td's

2. Antonio Gates- With his injuries hopefully behind him, look for a rebound season. Prediction: 68 rec's,750 yards,9 Td's

3. Dallas Clark- With Marvin Harrison gone, more balls to go around. Clark will definetly be seeing alot more thats for sure. Prediction: 88 rec's,990 yards and 8 Td's

4. Tony Gonzalez- New QB and new system shouldnt matter for Gonzo. Matt Ryan need's that security blanket outside of Roddy White. Prediction: 70 rec's,800 yards and 7 Td's

5. Owen Daniels- Not really a TD threat, but cleans up everywhere else. Once again very helpful if your in a PPR league as he had 70 rec's last year.Prediction: 74 rec's,885 yards and 4 Td's


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