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Hello and welcome back to The SoccerNation Report.  Today, I've got a lot to get to including a war.  So let's get started.




The Lead Story- David Villa was very impressive yesterday in a friendly against Azerbaijan on the road.  By scoring three of Spain's six in the 6-0 win, Villa continues to raise his stock.  Villa is no doubt a star and Spain coach Vicente del Bosque was the first to commend his performance on Tuesday night in an unknown environment against a stingy team.  del Bosque stated the following in regard to Villa, ''He scored three times and showed he has plenty of desire. People like him know how to cut off things that could affect their future.''  That of course it in relation to the real reason for me bringing up this story.  Villa (and Silva) are going to be on the move this summer.  There's just no way that Villareal can keep them any longer.  They've suddenly turned into the next AC Milan, and this trend in growing.  Villa (and Silva) will be worth a lot and it will help the Spanish side get out of debt somewhat.  But it won't completely reverse the debt, so we will likely see the fall of Villareal very soon.  Now, that is a shame.  For the last 5-6 years, they've been one of the best and now that they don't have the proper money, they are going to go into a state of mediocrity at best.  As for Villa, his stock is rising so much due to all the goals he scores.  Villa scores goals in every competition and this is what draws people to him.  Real Madrid should snap this guy up if possible.  If any team can afford it, they should definitely try to sign him because he is a star and deserves this move after so much hard work.  Despite his love for Villareal, Villa should make his move and cement himself as one of the greatest goalscorers of all-time.




Pirlo to Leave Italy?- When I think of Italy I think of two things: tough defence and Gennaro Gattuso taking out anyone that tackles Andrea Pirlo too hard.  Would Pirlo really leave that environment?  I don't really think so, but it could work out well.  Let's face it, Milan aren't all that great and after off-loading their star, who knows.  It really could help Pirlo to get out of Italy and get a change of scenary.  Pirlo would fit in well with a number of teams outside of Italy.  Barcelona and Real Madrid would be good places for him.  In Spain, Pirlo would be a great threat for at least the first half-season because of his crossing ability and the fact that most teams would have no experience stopping him.  Everyone in Italy knows what tricks the veteran uses and knows how to stop them.  So my advice to Pirlo is to get out if possible if it is to your best interest.  If you don't want to go, then don't do it.  But just know that you can make a big impact elsewhere.  






Game of the Day- Honduras v. El Salvador

40 years ago, the "Football War" began between the countries of Honduras and El Salvador.  The war started right after a match between the two sides that kind of resulted from a riot after the match.  The war really wasn't started by soccer, but it did exasperate the situation between the two.  The 4 day war started due to the issue of immigration and from El Salvador to Honduras.  The war was actually pretty lethal considering its length.  It killed 900 El Salvadorans and 1200 Hondurans.  It should be of no surprise to see that Honduras was outpowered due to their relative military weakness in relation to El Salvador's.  The disputed territory was given to Honduras 11 years later, and the war was officially over then.  The affects of that war will have a decent impact on the match tonight.  These two are still huge rivals and always will be because they are right there across from one another.  Thrid place is on the line in this match.  If El Salvador can win, they will be 4 points in the clear of Honduras and at least two clear of Mexico for second.  If Honduras can win, then they will go to 7 points which is two clear of El Salvador.  The two big dogs in the middle of the park (Eliseo Quintanilla and Wilson Palacios) should decide this one.  If you can check it out, then do so.  There will also be other qualifying matches on FSC and GOLTV today.  So take a look if you've got the time.







Thanks, it been Keeper and I'm out.  To see my Spain preview, click here






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