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Hello and welcome back to the SoccerNation Report.  Today we'll be getting back to a level of normacy that hasn't been seen since Kaka broke the transfer record only to have Ronaldo do it mere days later.  So let's get started with three of the hottest stories in the football world.



The Lavezzi Saga- If you didn't know about Ezequiel Lavezzi and Liverpool's "pursuit" of him, you will now.  Lavezzi is a 24 year-old Argentine who plays for Italian Serie A side Napoli.  Napoli continue to insist that they have not received a bid and Rafa Benitez has also denied all interest thus far.  As for Lavezzi's agent, he continues to insist that the Reds have made a move.  Regardless of who's right and wrong, just please do something.  No player should have this much attention payed to them for something so childish.  Someone please just make up their minds.  With that, I'll move on.






Milan keen on Dzeko- AC Milan have continued to show interest in Wolfsburg's Edin Dzeko.  Dzeko has also expressed his desire to play for one of the biggest clubs in Europe.  The star striker was quoted as saying the following: "My dream is Milan, which everyone knows, but I am a VfL player,".  The Wolves striker had a breakout season in the German Bundesliga by scoring 26 goals in a 34 game season.  Other clubs reportedly interested in the Bosnian international include Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal.  If any of the last three teams signed him, I wouldn't see him doing well.  Each team already has more established strikers and the leash would be short on Dzeko.  Don't believe me?  Well at Tottenham he'd have to go through the likes of Darren Bent, Robbie Keane, and Roman Pavlyuchenko.  At Chelsea he'd have to out do Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka (England's Golden Boot Winner).  At Arsenal, he's have to out do Adebayor, van Persie, and Arshavin.  At Milan, I still don't know if he'd play or play well.  Dzeko did score a lot of goals, but let's not get crazy.  I don't really think that he is the type of guy to score 20 goals a season.  Stay in Germany and see if you can continue to do this next season.  If not, then you shouldn't leave.  I really don't think he's the next star, but he could prove me wrong.  Milan shouldn't do this unless they can get a great deal.





Deco and Bosingwa out of Chelsea?- Brazilian born Portuguese winger Deco is reportedly unhappy with life at the Stamford Bridge.  One of his quotes read as follows: "I want to find a club that can bring the joy of playing football back for me."  That is saying quite a bit right there.  Deco never really got going this season due to injuries and it looks like he could be on the way out.  Fellow Portuguese star Jose Bosingwa could also be on the way out after a very good season at the Stamford Bridge last term.  Bayern Munich have come a courting in search of their customary foreign right back.  And I'd have to say that this would do wonders for Bayern.  Bosingwa is very good in attack and pretty good in defence.  He might just be the guy they need back there.  Bayern claim that the right back position is the only position that they are looking to fill.  If Bayern can pull it off, then this would be absolutely wonderful.  But it will not be cheap because he was the best right back in England last season.  Could both of these men leave?






Jones to play for United States- Jermaine Jones, a mainstay for Schalke 04 in Germany has decided to play for the United States in the future.  Jones, a defensive midfielder, has featured frequently since moving to Schlake and has managed 29 goals from that position.  Jones has played three times for Germany, but they were all in friendlies.  The 27 year-old's father is an American citizen who was stationed in Germany at his birth.  He holds a dual citizenship, which allows Jones to play for the United States.  It will be very interesting to see how (if he does get picked) he will play for the US.  This could work out well for the US.  We can always use a player with actual club experience and I can't wait to see him in the red, white, and blue.









Classic Match of the Day- Netherlands v. Czech Republic at Euro 2004.  Enjoy.







Well, it's been Keeper and I'm out.





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