Here's the second part of my summer picks that I won't be able to make after June 27th so I'm just making them now. We have a solid event here with the oldman showdown of Big Nog and Couture. Except Nogs not all that old. He just looks old. Randy is old. ANYWHO. Just main card, too many last minute changes to the undercard.

Main Card :

Brandon Vera vs Krzysztof Soszynski

With Hamill out, the bald polish guy with a long name steps in on late notice for his second straight time to take on Brandon Vera. Brandon Vera hasnt looked that good in his last three fights, whereas the big polish fella has. He tore up the dangerous strike Briann Stann, and KTFO'd Gusmao. He has won sub of the night in two of his last three fights and he is on a 6 fight win streak. So I'll give the polish canadian the 1st round kimura win.

Nate Marquadt vs Damien Maia

A lot of people have been talking about Nate as being the guy to beat Silva after the way he finished Gouveia in his last fight, but I strongly disagree. Gouveia was controlling the fight well pushing the pace before Nate got him with the highlight reel finish and Wilson isn't even the same level as Silva. It would seem that the winner of this fight is gonna get Anderson so both are going to be fighting their hearts out. Damien could probably catch God in an armbar, so I'm going to have to go with him in this fight. Nate has great striking and could catch Maia, but I see Maia taking him down and finishing him like he has his last five opponents in the UFC. So I'll give Maia the 1st Round Rear Naked Choke win.

Chris Leben vs Jake Rosholt

Leben has this one, no problem. He's more experienced, got much better hands, a solid chin, and a decent ground game. Jake lost his only fight in the UFC so far in the first 2 minutes. The only problem I see for Leben is his ring rust, coming back from his steriod suspension. Assuming it doesn't affect him that much, Chris Leben by 3rd round KO.

Keith Jardine vs Thiago Silva

Keith Jardine is looking to bounce back after his disappointing decision loss to Rampage, and Silva is also looking to get back in the win columns too after getting KTFO'd by Machida. Silva has good hands but neither Chuck nor Rampage could knock out Jardine. Then again, Houston Alexandre and W.Silva did. I think I'll give the edge to Silva, only because Jardine tends to loose to people he can beat, and although he sometimes put up good fights against tough guys, he does usually loose them ( Liddell being the only real exception ). So I think Thiago is gonna clip him at some point in the fight knocking him down, then pound on him till the ref stops it. Lets say Thiago, 2nd round TKO.

Randy Couture vs Antonio ( Big Nog ) Nogueira

I'm not going to go out and say that Randy's career is overrated. He almost single handedly brought MMA into mainstream television. I will though say that at this point in his career, he is being overrated. He's 45, hasn't won a fight in almost 2 years, and you still hear people saying he could beat Fedor. Nooot likely.... Big Nog has sick boxing, sick jits, and a sick chin. He lost to Mir but was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks with a staph infection during the training camp before that fight. He also messed his knee up nicely during that training camp. So not taking anything away from Mir who looked great in that fight, but Big Nog did have some legit excuses for his performance. He will push the pace on the old man and knock him out in the 2nd. Big Nog via 2nd round TKO.


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