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In MLB's continuing interleague games, the Toronto Blue Jays completed their sweep of the World Champion Phillies, while the NY Yankees suffered yet another humiliating defeat to the lowly Washington "Natinals". Good news though Yankee fans, this was the first home game without a home run in your brand new kajillion dollar home run paradise park. The Red Sox lost 2-1 when the game was called in the 6th inning due to rain. I want a do-over!

I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the Donte Stallworth saga. I just don't agree with his punishment. I think if you're a multimillionair, with several homes in Miami, a Bentley thats worth twice what my house is worth, you should have someone chauffering your ass around when you feel like downing a few dozen beverages. Donte didn't just go to a club and have a couple of beers like the rest of us. No, his BAC was twice the legal limit at 7:30 in the morning. The story gets worse.  Apparently, Donte had already been to one of his 3 houses and was now on his way to the beach or some such thing - at that level of intoxication, he had to have known, he was drunk or buzzed. Most people making it home in that condition in one piece and with no wake of destruction would just say "Whew, I will never drive like that again man, I'm lucky I made it here without killing myself or someone else". Not Stallworth, he changes his clothes and heads to the beach, and apparently was in a hurry since he was doing 50 mph in a 40 mph zone. OK, the victim wasn't in a crosswalk but I have been driving a motor vehicle for almost 30 years and one thing I do know. When you flash your lights at a vehicle or a person, it says one of two things. Either "slow down dude, cop or speed trap ahead" , or it says "Go ahead, I give you the right of way". I have flashed my lights many times at people to "cross the road, I'll wait," or to ease into traffic ahead of me. Its a courtesy thing. 

To give Stallworth some credit. He didn't pull a "Do you know who I am" and instead immediately called 911, stayed while the police arrived, admitted striking the man and took full responsibility. For all of that, and a alleged sizeable trust fund for the family, Donte gets 24 days in jail. His sentence was 30 days but he got credit for time served before he posted bond. Florida also has some cockamamie law that says you get credit for each day you actually serve. Donte also got a lifetime license suspension (now he really DOES need to hire a driver- too bad its too late for the victims family), 2 years of house arrest, 1000 hours of community service and 10 years probation. . Its not enough for me. Mike Vick killed some dogs and went to prison for alot longer than 24 days. What does this say about the value we place on a man's life? Its worth less than a dogs? The night before the crash, Donte received a 4.5 million dollar bonus from the Browns. Not sure what for since he barely played. Yesterday, the NFL suspended Donte indefinitely and considering the roster moves the Browns have made this off season, it's apparent they didn't expect him to come back. If after meeting with Goodell, the suspension is lifted or firmed up, for 6 weeks or so, then (in spite of my dislike of the guy), Mike Vick should be immediately reinstated to sign on and play. 

 Just my two cents.

And thats what you may have missed last night 


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