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  Was the Lakers Championship more impressive than the Penguins Championship? When the Penguins took the ice on Friday (6-12-09), they were looking to accomplish what only one other team has done in the 116 years of the Stanley Cups existence, win game 7 on the opposing teams home ice. The Detroit Red Wings were 11-1 at home entering game 7 on Friday. The Red Wings were also trying to become the first team to repeat as champions since they last did it in 1998. In the middle of the 2nd period, the Penguins star player Sidney Crosby had to leave the game after suffering from a chest injury. Sidney rejoined his team on the ice in the middle of the 3rd period, but quickly went to the bench due to the pain. The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings with a final score of 2-1, giving the Penguins there 3rd Stanley Cup in the teams existence. With the victory, the Penguins became the first team in the past 25 years to win the Stanley Cup after losing the previous year. They also became the first team in NHL history to win two separate playoff series after losing the first two games in the series. The Lakers, ran on the court on Sunday (6-14-09) with a 3-1 series lead against the Orlando Magic, looking for the teams 15th championship. For the past five plus years, everyone but Kobe himself would say that Kobe needs to win a championship without Shaq. And if he did, it would be the sweetest one yet. The Lakers started the season as the favorite. The pressure was definitely on the Lakers to win a championship this season. This may have been a make or break season for the Lakers in a multiple of ways. Is Kobe going to opt out of his contract? Can Kobe win without Shaq? Does Phil still have what it takes to coach the Lakers? Is Bynum the missing link? Who do the Lakers need to go after in the offseason? Not to worry sports nation, all is right in the world of sports. Even though the Orlando Magic beat the Los Angeles Lakers the two times the faced each other during the regular season. On Sunday's game 5 of the NBA Finals, the Lakers beat the Magic for the fourth time in the past five games with a score of 99-91. Giving the Lakers there 15th  championship, and giving Coach Phil Jackson his 10th championship, more than any other coach in NBA history. With this Lakers win, they became the first team since the ???88-'89 Detroit Pistons to win an NBA Championship after being the Finals runner up in the previous season. It was also the first time in NBA history were two games in the Finals were decided in overtime. The Lakers Pau Gasol became the first Spaniard to win an NBA Championship. And the Magics game 3 win was the organizations first and only Finals victory. The Orlando Magic franchise has been on the losing end on 8 of their 9 NBA Finals games. I still refuse to believe that this is Kobes "sweetest" championship. I believe that his first championship was the sweetest. After the Lakers put that streak of three championships together, that was a sugar cookie dipped in ice cream covered in cinnamon and brown sugar with whip cream and gummy bears on top sweet. Now if they put another streak of three together, - which Phil Jackson has already done on 3 different occasions - and I think they will, then I would say those championships would be the sweetest for Kobe. I personally was more impressed with the Penguins Championship. From the beginning of the NBA season, I felt the Lakers were the best team in the NBA, and I know I'm not alone with that mind blowing opinion. The Penguins, even with the sexiest jerseys in Hockey, were six points out of playoff contention 57 games into the season. They changed head coaches during the season. And with the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference, having to go through the league's MVP Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, had an extremely difficult road to the Stanley Cup. I know the Lakers didn't make a left turn down easy street on their journey to the finals. I just felt that they were the better team on every matchup throughout the playoff. Even if they had faced the Cleveland Lebrons, I still would have taken the Lakers to win the Championship. The most important reason why the Penguins win was so impressive is that game 7 of the Stanley Cup on Friday, marked the last major sporting event on analog TV. Sometimes I'm even surprised by my wittiness! 


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