10th Grade Rantings

Dear Mr. Rubio,

Eighteen years ago, you were born halfway across the world. Just two years later, I was born on the other half of the world. You don't know me, and I don't know you. But we share a special bond. The point guard bond, and trust me, we both know this well. The position of point guard- to lead your team, to make your teammates better, to work with the "better players", and to win games.


Well, until earlier this week, that was all it was. But then the NBA draft came along. A chance for all of us Minnesotans to watch our new big shot, David Kahn, and to see if he could manage to mess up half as many times as Kevin McHale did. Because we haven't been very lucky, and when that glimmer of hope comes, we would love to jump all over it. Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry and James Harden seemed to fit, but there was another guy we wanted.

We weren't supposed to have the chance at this guy. That is, until he started talking. He didn't want to play in Memphis. He didn't want to play in Sacramento. He didn't really want to play in Oklahoma City. And that left the window open.

Because see, Mr. Rubio, we just wanted a chance at you. "I'd play for free...I just love basketball..." you said, and we loved it. The Timberwolves needed something to bolster their franchise, so they traded their two most established guards for a chance at you. As it stands, Mike Miller, who we brought in just last year, and Randy Foye, who was the backcourt player we were building our team around, now are playing in Washington.

And because of this, we share another bond. The Minnesota bond. And honestly, that's something you need to understand. Because Minnesota isn't all that bad of a place for you. If you are an athlete with some talent, and a little bit of heart, you'll forever have a place in ours. We love Kevin Garnett. We love Joe Mauer. We love Adrian Peterson. I mean, we still root for Torii Hunter, who took the money and ran. Some of us even still like Randy Moss, who did what he wanted to do until he was gone.

And now, we're ready to love Ricky Rubio. But what about the other half?

Because as it stands now, Mr. Rubio, you don't seem to want to play here. Why is that? Because Minnesota isn't a sports state? Trust me, when the Timberwolves are doing well, Target Center is rocking. And even when they aren't, such as the last six years, fans still come. It may not be Madison Square Garden, but at the same time, we won't be booing you.

Because that's Minnesota Nice. Google it, and over 43,000,000 searches will come up. It has a Wikipedia page. But apparently, you don't have to play here?

No offense, Mr. Rubio, but why the hell is that?

Because you're so good that you can just demand where you want to play? What's wrong with America, when an 18 year old isn't happy just to have the opportunity to play in the NBA, but they have to do it on their terms? Chris Paul probably didn't really want to play in New Orleans, but what did he do? Deron Williams didn't want to go to Utah, what did he do? Carmelo Anthony probably didn't want to go to Denver, but what did he do? I mean, Chris Bosh more than likely didn't want to go to Toronto, Canada, but what did he do? Those guys all were able to embrace what had happened, and make the best of their situations. And the reasoning seems to be that this is irrelevant because you're no D-Will, CP3, Melo or Bosh...

...so then why the hell do you have so much bargaining power? First of all, you're only 18! You haven't played Division I basketball. You haven't played against all that many NBA players. Yes, I know that basketball in Europe is very competitive, and that the Olympics were a great show for you, but seriously? You won a Silver Medal, and played a good game against the American team. How good? 6 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals. That's basically you're biggest game, huh?

But Mr. Rubio, we know that you can do it! We can see the fast breaks happening now! A rebound is pulled down by double-double machine Al Jefferson, and outletted to you, as you come dribbling down the court. On one side of you is Wayne Ellington, who can knock down that three and get you that assist. On another side of you is Jonny Flynn, your backcourt mate who can pull up for the shot, take the pass and take it to the basket, or simply get it and give it back to you for an easy two points. And trailing you is Kevin Love, who is barreling down the court, ready to take the no-look pass from you and turn it into an athletic dunk.

And who made that all happen? You did! Playing with those four first round picks, plus three more in Corey Brewer, a small forward with very good defense and an emerging offensive game, Sebastian Telfair, a very nice backup to you, who has been the lottery pick and can teach you a little bit from experience, and Rodney Carney, who would love to take alley-oops from you all day. And I haven't even mentioned Ryan Gomes, a hard-working power forward who very quietly is becoming a nice player, and averaged 13 and 5 last year.

What I'm trying to say is that this team has most of the pieces to make a run. All that's needed is a leader, a point guard, and a good veteran. Who can be two of those three?

The last big-name player who the Wolves picked at #5 was, like you, vastly unproven. He was just 18 years old, as well, and he wasn't going to the ideal location. But KG stuck with it, and had an awesome career. He won an MVP. He went to 10 All-Star Games. He was on the All-Defensive team. He led Minnesota to the playoffs seven consevutive years, including the best overall record and a trip to the Western Confernce Finals.

But did he want to go there? More than likely, no. Minnesota had never won more than 29 games in a season. But after the teams ahead of them passed him up, he was happy to be in the position that he was in; to come into the NBA, to become the face of the franchise, and to begin a great career.

Much like him, you, Mr. Rubio, seem to be in that same spot. You can become the face of the fanchise. You can reward the team to took you with a top five pick, instead of telling the guys who took a huge risk on you that you don't really want do play for them. You have the ability to make it happen.

The talent is there. All we need is a leader. Please take it into consideration. Because in all honestly, Mr. Rubio, you could very well be simply a draft bust. Another overhyped Eurpoean basketball player who couldn't succeed in the NBA. But believe me, we don't want that. We want to cheer you on, wear your jersey, and see your success for years to come.

Please don't blow this opportunity.


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