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Just a quick blog to expose yet another cheater. With the hoopla surrounding Roy and his never ending comebacks, it's sometimes easy to overlook others cheating...even when they are as STUPID as this guy is about it:

The Dynasty 7

Someone want to clue this fool in that his private profile doesn't hide jack where his dupe accounts are concerned? When someone raised the issue that the voting patterns in his TD's were suspicious, this moron actually said this:

The Top three one is my brother in law, the other is my uncle, and the last is my father so yeah they vote for me on here as well as for others! The bottom two couldnt tell you! and for the record you were being beat 15-10 before you started crying like a b !tch! Oh wow you won a TD good for you! I don't care if I lose it doesn't bother me! When i'm losing though I dont attack someones charcter like you do! Pathetic and to think it's people like you whose freedom I defend day in and day out! Pathetic!

Not only does he lie through his teeth about about his dupe usage, he actually had the nerve to use the "I'm in the military, how dare you question my integrity" nonsense. That pissed me off even more than the cheating, so he gets an entire blog all to himself.

In another TD I called him out for using dupes in the comments. He didn't see it right away because...wait for it...he was busy using those very dupes to vote in that TD at the same time I was calling him out for it. I was just dumbfounded someone could be THAT stupid.

After telling me to get over myself because he doesn't use dupes and he doesn't need me saying he does, he ended up forfeiting the TD when both I and RedSoxBabe provided the evidence of his cheating for all to see, embarassing him into forfeiting and shutting up, finally.

The evidence that shut him up? These are the three accounts he claims to be his brother in law, uncle, and father who vote for him and others but they aren't dupes of his. Take a look at the time stamps these accounts voted on his TD's:

06/28/09 10:42 SWEAFTH voted
06/28/09 10:43 BalGts voted
06/28/09 10:43 dr Woooooo voted

06/27/09 05:37 dr Woooooo voted
06/27/09 05:38 BalGts voted
06/27/09 05:38 SWEAFTH voted

06/25/09 12:38 dr Woooooo voted
06/25/09 12:39 BalGts voted
06/25/09 12:40 SWEAFTH voted

06/24/09 02:20 dr Woooooo voted
06/24/09 02:20 BalGts voted
06/24/09 02:21 SWEAFTH voted

06/24/09 07:13 dr Woooooo voted
06/24/09 07:13 BalGts voted
06/24/09 07:13 SWEAFTH voted

06/22/09 02:11 dr Woooooo voted
06/22/09 02:11 BalGts voted
06/22/09 02:12 SWEAFTH voted

Seems his whole damn family logs on and votes at the same freakin' time on his TD's.

Now, I don't know if this fool has been sufficiently embarassed to the point of leaving, probably not, people that stupid usually don't get the hint right away. But he does have one TD left that he hasn't forfeited as of this writing. He has used his dupes in it as well.

I'm not about to tell anyone how to vote on any TD. Just bringing it to this groups attention that a known cheater has a TD he cheated in that is no longer on the main board.

Well, The Dynasty 7, hope those extra votes were worth losing your credibility over. Hope they were worth the public humiliation every cheating P.O.S. deserves. If you even attempt to start another TD, I assure you the link to this blog will be front and center on the comments page. That's assuming your account and accompanying dupes aren't deleted as I expect they will be.

To the rest of you cheaters out there. You're next.



This cheaters account was deleted this morning. Another one bites the dust!




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