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After the way last season ended, and our 'Boys got put out to pasture........again....I am of the mind that the drought will come to an end this year. Yes, there are still holes to fill, and people to step up, but I am confident these will happen. Will this translate into a SB appearance? I'm not going that far out on a limb, but it's possible.

The Steelers of last year weren't as talented as Steeler teams of the past, but they played together and hung in there and they have a damn good coach, not to mention the owner. The fans are tremendous in their support of their favorite blue collar team. They didn't lose focus, or whine when they lost. Most of all, they didn't have T.O. or anyone of that caliber. They are the epitome of a "team". We could learn from them.

Owens is a tremendous athlete, but he's wasting it because of his alligator mouth. If he would have shut up and played his game, he could have gone far, even at his age. Will we miss his production? Of course. But, that's where Roy Williams will have to step it up a notch or two. Can he do it? I think he can, but we will see for sure this year. There won't be any more excuses such as coming in late, or having to play 2nd fiddle to Owens. (Good luck, Buffalo, with that. You'll need it.)

A lot of Cowboy fans may disagree with a lot of what I'm saying. I know a lot of haters will. That's fine, because everyone has a right to their opinion. But, that's one thing that makes this country great...even people like Tim Lumber has that right. If he didn't, then normal people wouldn't either.

Some people hated to see Owens go, even Jerry Jones is now having 2nd thoughts, or so I've read. But, then Jerry is just being Jerry. I don't always agree with things he does.........for that matter, there's a lot of things he does I don't agree with, but I'm just a peon and he's the owner, gm, wannabe coach, bird dog, and buttinski. Bears fans don't always agree with their Jerry....Jerry Angelo, but I think most fans eventually get crossed with their teams owners, and general managers, for one reason or another.

 I think Romo will come out to prove something. He has this new 3 headed monster (Barber, Jones, and Choice) that looks to me will run amuck, going by what little we saw of Jones and Choice last year. He won't have to throw so much. This will also depend on how much Garrett learned as well. Will he continue with bombardment or try to balance the offensive attack with more running? In my opinion, he should do a lot more running than he has previously, for the simple fact we do have these 3 guys who can stay fresh all game long. Will the O line hold up like in 07? With Kyle Kosier back, I would think so. He had a lot to do with Flo Adams playing at a pro bowl level in 07, and when Kosier went down early last year, the line suffered for it. There's a reason Cory Proctor is a back up, although he likely did his best.

 The defense remains basically the same, but w/o Greg Ellis. He was a whiner, and how it affected the defense last year, I don't know. I do know what happened in the stretch when we needed ONE game to make the playoffs........the defense laid down and died. Well, certain players did. The names are being with held to protect the guilty. Baltimore should have never, ever made those 2 long runs. We should have beaten the Steelers as well. Philly? If we had beaten just one of the aforementioned teams, chances are, we would have rested someone, but the 'Boys played as if they were resting anyway. But, I have to give credit to the 'Birds, because their season was also on the line. They wanted the game more than the 'Boys did. Nothing difficult about seeing that.

I like what I see from Orlando Scandrick. The man is a player, and he might just take time from Mike Jenkins. Both are 2nd year now, so there will be less excuses for them now. All in all, I like what I see. Of course, this team is not perfect, but neither were the Steelers. Big Ben got sacked almost as many times as David Carr did with the Texans, but yet, they still managed to "get there". This team could do the same if they really want. We, as fans, are going to have to do our part as well. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, disagreeing about one thing or another, stand together, and scream....

                          "THE BOYS ARE GOING TO MAKE SOME NOISE!!"


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