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11:59 pm - July 1st, 2009

This was the time that current Ottawa Senator's Danny Heatley had to decide if he was going to wave his no trade clause in his contract, and allow the trade to the Edmonton Oilers for Forwards Dustin Penner, Andrew Cogliano, and Defenseman Ladislav Smid.  The Disgruntled winger has made his opinion very clear over these past 3 weeks that he has no interest for playing under the current coach and organization and wanted out whenever possible.

Dany Heatley was approached the night of June 30th, with word that the Edmonton Oilers have offered a deal that met the Senators liking on a return in value for their current star player.  When asked if he would waive his no-trade clause to finalize the deal, he put the deal on hold.  The deal was not dead, as he told his agent he wants to sleep on it and think about it.  This did not make a difference as he gave word the next night that he is not going to wave his clause to allow the trade to happen.

Now the big question is what happens next for Heatley.  He was the one who approached the team and has told them he does not want to play for them, but after last nights final decision on declining the trade to Edmonton, he rather take his chances of being stuck in Ottawa than playing for another team next season.  The Senators now are on the hook for signing a $4 million bonus to him for being on the roster as of today, and the team more likely is going to ask for more in return to compensate the bonus given to a player that does not want to be here.

With Heatley turning down this offer, and nothing else is offered to the Senators in the future that will give them similar value in return, everything seems to be pointed to Heatley returning to the team in the fall for training camp.  If this is the case and he does decide to show up to camp, the media coverage in Ottawa during that time is going to bring masses to the city and un-needed attention to an organization looking to bounce back after a very disappointing season.

Either way, the fans of the Senators will not want him back, and it seam's the other GM's around the league are not willing to give up allot to get a player who signs a long contract and the following season wants out after some changes. 

Dany Heatley is just like every other superstar athlete who has the impression that they control what they do, even after they sign a contract.  He should be forced to play out the remainder of his deal, and enjoy the constant boo's that he would receive every time he touches the puck while on the road, and playing at home in Ottawa.


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