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  5 problems with Fannation

I realize this is a free site but CNNSI has put a lot into creating this, but people are passionate about sport and about this site. There are some major problems here and here are some of the worst to me.

#1 True this is going to be an ongoing problem and not much of a way to fix it. The idiotic TD's that are put on the site time after time, One way to fix this is to have more moderators- You don't need to do much just take some of the more active users and give them an e-mail address to email TD's and ignorant statements too. Inbox imploders were an unnecessary creation of people not being moderated correctly.

#2 and my biggest problem- I am currently in 4 TDs and none are visible on the screen if you click on TD's open or in progress. This presents a problem as I do not advertise my TD normally of mail and ask for votes.

This is fairly easy to fix: Put the TDs in a Queue and only allow say 25 open, 25 Progress and last 25 complete. Or if the Java won't handle it- When you make a TD designate it MLB, NBA, NFL or other and just allow 20 per. That way people can look at the TD's of the sport that interest them.

#3 People take too long to respond- I work nights and I know that my sched is a bit different than most of you- but allow 48 hours for a TD to complete or make it null and void- OR if one person has not responded in 24 hours give them a forfeit loss.

Easy right?

#4 E-Mail, Allow us to disallow E-mails saying new TD comment. I check mine regularly and do not need 20 e-mails saying new comment. I will read them- but with the 20 Group messages and group invites and people begging for votes and everything else I have normally I have 40-50 emails to delete when I open it.

How to fix it? Let us edit our settings. Should not be too hard.

#5 If a TD is deleted, tell us why. Simple notification. I have had 5 wins and 1 losses taken away and I have no idea why- I simply noticed it because I had 20 wins and then down to 19 then a couple of days later I went from 22 down to 21 and started looking, the only reason I saw the loss was gone was it was one of the ones I point out that ticks me off- only because I got no less than 4 emails asking me to vote for the other side!

These Items I think if looked at by the powers can be would go a great way to improve this site and make it much better than it is today.

Thank you for reading.


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