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So appearently the Chicago White Sox organization is either really good at hiding their true feelings or they are the most level headed organization in Baseball.

In recent interviews, both Ozzie Guillen and Ace pitcher Mark Buehrle have down played the White Sox recent success (9-1 in last 10, 7 in a row). Ozzie Guillen's said several times that he doesnt want to get his hope up about the teams recent success because everytime he does they break his heart. Mark Buehrle also said hes not really sure how good they are and doesnt want to get his hopes up either.

All this talk is relevant because the Sox are deciding whether or not they want to Buy or Sell at the trade deadline. They obviously have some very valuable Assets in Jenks, Dye, Dotel, Thorton, and Linebrink. However; if they can stay consistent and prove that they can compete they will keep those guys and throw all caution to the wind.

As a die hard White Sox fan though i am not keeping a level head about everything. I think that they have figured things out as a team. People would argue that the White Sox are merely beating up on lesser competition (Cleveland, Kansas City). However; what goes unnoticed is what the Sox just did to the NLs best competition. They took 2/3 from the Dodgers, Brewers and Reds (2 division leaders, all above .500) and they also took 3/5 from the Cubs the team that was widely viewed as the best in the NL this preseason. Thats not too shabby for the Sox based on the level of competetion.

The White Sox were expected to be a good pitching club and they have failed to disappoint. They have a team ERA of 3.96 which is good enough for 2nd in the AL and 7th in all of baseball. They have arguably the best bullpen in baseball with all 3 setup men having an ERA under 3.00 and Bobby Jenks has only blown 2 saves all year. They also have the best long reliever in basball, DJ Carrasco has an ERA of less than 3.00 in 48+ innings pitched.

What has really stood out is the Sox's sometimes suspect offense. In the last 4 games the Sox have beaten two of the AL's best starters. They beat Cliff Lee in Cleveland the other night. The defending Cy Young award winner had an ERA under 3.00 before the Sox got to him which was 5th in the AL. Zach Greinke is having a ridiculous year in which his ERA has finally reached the 2.00 mark for the first time this season. Thanks to the White Sox tonight who handed him just his 3rd loss of the year.

 The resurgence of Scott Podsednik has obviously worked wonders at the top of the order. Alexi Ramirez has finally started to show why he was second in Cy Young award voting. Paul Konerko is having a great comeback season batting .295 with 50 RBIs, Jermaine Dye continues to fly under the radar batting .295 with 18 HR and 50 RBIs. They also have an emerging star in Gordon Beckham who is batting around .270 at the bottom of their order with nearly 20 RBIs in just about a month of work.

 I am excited about what the White Sox can do in a very suspect Central Division. I smell a repeat as AL Central champs and maybe even more. . .


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