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My apologies for this being late. When I set the release date, I didn't think of my July 4th plans (by the way happy Independence Day). Without any further ado, let's get this issue rolling.


The Cowboys are finally putting Tony Romo where he needs to be: the hot seat. Well, not really the hotseat, more like the warm seat. Jason Garrett met with Romo, the gist of the meeting being "Get your sorry ass in shape." Garrett met with him to discuss his habit of getting in just good enough shape for training camp. He believes, however, that is the reason Romo performs poorly late in the season, and wants Romo getting in better shape to lead the Cowboys to the postseason, which they missed last season after a blowout loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

 -Giambi Owns


FanNation News Flash:

Blowout Throwdown:
ibLeedpurpleNgold (0-1-0) created a throwdown saying, "The top 10 Lakers of all time as a squad destroys any other franchise..." The Throwdown was accepted by Darth Maim (6-2-0) and he used the all time celtics team. ibLeedpurpleNgold ended up getting blown out 40-2 beacuse Darth Maim pointed out it might beat his Celtics team but it would not destroy.

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Here is the throwdown link

The NTL, waiting for a third week:
The NTL (National Throwdown League) finished two sucessful weeks. They have not started a third week. Many people have been posting about this and many people are upset. Ever since the beginning of June, people have been posting about what is going on. Many people are wondering, will this league continue? There has been a lot of confusion and nobody knows when the third week will start. The NTL, two sucessful weeks, waiting for a third.

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A new league was created, but jord left the group right after he created it.

Here is what jord sent NTL users

""i think the leagues gotten slow, and ill restart it at a later date, but there are a few people who are just not cooperating, and its causing some problems..


JB moved up to tenth on the leaderboard to replace Ghost. Ghost has not particaipated in a TD in 30 days which opened up 10th place to JB who was in 11th place .1% away from 10th place. In order for Ghost to make it back to the top ten, he will have to WIN a throwdown because his win percentage is so close to JB that even a tie will have him fall below. We will see if Ghost participates in a TD soon but we will keep you updated.

Editors Note:

Ghost did participate in a throwdown, and is now back to 10th on the leaderboard.




Guys this is my idea or the group. You have to challenge several o the best TDers out there. Detroitfan, Porkins, Cain, Hyped, Baun, Foosball and many more. Tell them you lost a bet!

The losers challenge the losers, and the winners, if there are any, challenge the other winners.

 Good luck!



Video of the Week


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