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Hello and welcome to the awarding winning SoccerNation Report.  Today I've got a lot to cover and my lead is a very juicy story.  So, let's get started quickly.




Onyewu Signs With AC Milan- The American defender has finally penned a deal with a big-name club.  The American has hjoined Milan on a free transfer from Standard Liege.  But the funny thing is that no one expected it to be this big of a team.  After being heavily pursued by the likes of Fenerbahce, Ajax, Genoa, and even Fiorentina, he has joined the Rossoneri.  Onyewu will be the first American to sign a contract with one of Italy's biggest clubs.  It would be Europe if not for Tim Howard signing with Man. U ages ago (or at least it feels like it) and Brad Friedel's move to Liverpool.  Onyewu is going to see massive amounts of time in Milan and will likely end up partnering up with Alessandro Nesta in the middle.  Onyewu is the replacement of retired captain Paolo Maldini, one of the best defenders of all-time.  But what does this move mean for all parties?  For Milan, they have signed one of the most dominant centerbacks in the game with regards to winning the ball in the air.  Onyewu's frame is one that is going to help Milan a ton of corners both ways.  Onyewu is 6 ft. 4 in. and weighs around 205 lbs.  With that size, Milan are going to have a definite advantage in the air.  For Onyewu, the move signals that it is finally his time to shine in the ever-so difficult world of football.  Onyewu has always had the potential to play well at the highest level and lately he has been proving just that.  After a great Confederations Cup, Onyewu has earned this move and it will give him the opportunity to play with some of the best in the world and to learn how to play that much better.  In Italy, his possession game and passing will improve a ton or he'll be gone.  So that should be incentive enough to play well and learn.  For the United States, this move marks a huge turning point in the world of football.  We now have someone that is on the biggest stage of them all and we can now relate to that and know that we have arrived.  This move also proves that this United States team is the best team in our history.  With this move (and the Confed. Cup run), the US have now proven that they are on the world's stage for good.  This US team, despite all of its failures and all of its players that haven't always lived up to potential, is still the greatest of all-time when they actually play together and do so well.  This US team has always been the best (even without the majority of the players in successful European roles).  I've got news for you now, we've got players in Europe and that's good enough.  If we get playing time for some of them, that's an added bonus.  Onyewu's move has turned over a new leaf within the US and it is for the good.  Now, I've got to order me an Onyewu jersey.






Paddy Kenny Fails- Sheffield United's goalkeeper, Paddy Kenny, has failed a drug test and is now subject to a possible two-year suspension.  Kenny is one of England's most recognizable keepers having gone up and down in the league's totem pole.  He was caught taking ephedrine.





Milan Make Two Bids- AC Milan are back in the news with a double bid for two strikers.  They are going after Sevilla and Brazil striker Luis Fabiano and Real Madrid/Holland striker Klaas Jan Huntelaar.  Both moves would be good for Milan, but I feel that Fabiano would be the best move.  More will surely come of these moves in the next week or so.







Jo Back to Everton- Manchester City want-away Jo will stay another season with Everton after being loaned out for the second half of the season last term.  Jo managed to score 5 goals in 11 for Everton and he played very well in his short time with them.  This move should help him gain his feet and get him ready for a potential move back to City next summer or to elsewhere.





Something Interesting- Birmingham City are getting ready to make a dream pairing in the center of midfield.  No, they aren't bringing Zidane and Koeman to play there.  City are set to sign Lee Bowyer on a permanent move.  He was on loan for the last half of last season and did very well in helping them gain promotion.  The West Ham midfielder is known for his absurd challenges and his habitual picking up of yellow and red cards.  But here's the dream part.  City could also pick up Newcastle centermid Joey Barton and make a dream pairing.  Barton, who has went to jail recently, is also known for his absurd challenges and picking up yellow and red cards frequently.  Could you imagine the carnage that those two would cause?  I just hope that everyone sits their best players against those guys should they play together.  








CONCACAF Gold Cup Reminder


Jamaica vs. Costa Rica- 7:00 EST


El Salvador vs. Canada- 9:00 EST





Well, I hope you liked it.  It's been Keeper and I'm out.














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