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To let all you guys know I am a huge Miami Heat fan.They've been my team since the 02-03 season, the year before Wade.  So it bothers me that Wade is becoming more out-spoken about what the team should do now and not wait.

The Miami Heat over came last season's pathetic 15-67 to a respectable 43-39. Thats a 28 game improvement. Not only did the team go from lottery team to a 5th seed , they were flourished with youth. From new head coach Erik Spoelstra, 2 year Sixth man Daequan Cook (who won the three point contest) and then Starting PG Mario Chalmers and 19 year old PF Michael Beasly

You talk about a team that was lead by Dwayne Wade got to the playoffs and to the 7th game with Atlanta. I wonder how this series would of faired if Jamario Moon(second best defesive player) and Jermaine O'Neal were healthy because both missed time from a torn Groin and concussion respecively.

So if your Dwayne Wade wouldn't you be happy from the proggression of the team???

Why are you complaining because the team hasn't made moves. I understand you want a title contention and you want to be on the same stage as Kobe and Lebron and you are desperate for a Robin. But what about Michael Beasly as your Robin. He can score about anywhere from the floor and is working at defense.

And I wonder if you know that we have no cash to spend to get free-agent help. If Pat Riley descsides to go for a trade or sign and trade, you are risking to go into 2010 money. Do you want to risk a Amare, a Chris Bosh, a Dirk, a Tyson Chandler(or maybe a Lebron ....lmao im just playin..but I can dream right)

Why dont you try to play with what you have and try to convice Allen Iverson to play at Point guard. Because with out trading Beasly, you will not get a star player

Without the Heat losing Wade, in 2010, they will have the most money to spend...in the likes of money of 45 mill..

 (Guys Im just throwing names out there because its off the list of 2010 free agents.. Im not saying they will come to Miami , so dont take it serious.. there just scenarios that could happen to Miami or any team that has money)

That 45 mill that the Heat have to Spend after giving Wade a max contract can go to a max contract to Amare or Bosh.....money to a McGrady off the bench.. money to Luke Ridnour or J.J barea...a Quiton Richardson...a Raja Bell.. a John Salmons.. a Rafer Alston..a Al Harrington.

With that money and the talent in 2010 why wouldn't you be quiet about your future. We all know that you and Lebron are opting out to sign larger money deals. But to say you want the Heat to become title contenders before you sign is ridicoulous. No team out there will become title contenders if you sign with them unless you go to Cleveland.

In New york and Chicago, there is not enough money and talent to get you enough pieces. Lebron and Wade with no PG and Center will be mediocre in New York. And in Chicago, Rose and Wade with Noah and Thomas??? No way!!! That team would get pushed around in the paint by Dwight Howard alone.

So Wade stop making us ancy and scared that you will leave because lets face it.. Unless you go to Cleveland , the best chance to win a title is right here in Miami.


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