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Welcome to the UFC 100 Preview! I am David "(insert wittiness here)" Snipes, joined by Robert "X" Menn and Jason "SoCaro" Adams, Joao is in trouble for doing something I can't talk about in Wanderlei's Dressing room in a family website- so he won't be with us this time- but If he makes bail, I'll get his predictions in as soon as I can.


Preliminary card

Lightweight bout:   

Matt Grice vs.  Shannon Gugerty

David: Grice (9-2 overall ,1-2 UFC) came into the UFC a VERY nice 8-0 and has struggled a bit here in the deep end that is the UFC, being submitted by Terry Etim in his first fight and has not gained any traction. Grice is a VERY respected wrestler  but seems limited so far- his lone victory coming from the scorecards. Gugerty (10-2,1-1) is also a ground guy best known for being the guy getting hit when Corey Hill was put down (You tube it- If Hill was a horse, they would have shot him ringside) Gug has fought the best fighter between the two- losing in round three to Spenser Fisher- so I will give him the edge here.

Robert : Both guys are coming off of losses.  The loser could quite possibly join Danzig in the unemployment line.  It would on be 2 losses in a row, but neither guy has shown great promise.  They are more "just there" than anything else.  Let's see, where did I put that quarter....heads Grice, tails Gugerty.'s heads.

Jason: Both fighters are looking to get back to winning after they both lost their last night.  While both have show submission skills I think Gugerty has the advantage here and that Grice's best shot to win is standing.  While Grice has shown he can win via submission I he has the advantage on their feet.  Gugerty would be more comfortable having this fight go to the ground where he could use his BJJ to get the submission win.

David: Gugerty, Des 
Robert: Grice, Rd 2, TKO. 
Jason: Grace/R1/KO 

Middleweight bout: 

C.B. Dollaway vs.  Tom Lawlor

David: CB (8-1,2-1) is finally showing some promise that Amir simply stole on the Ultimate Fighter, and even though he seems lost in the Middleweight divison with an 8-1 record, putting together even 2 more wins will put him in line for a title shot (when the top of the Division are asking to be gatekeepers, 10-1 will get you somewhere) CB has heavy hands and a very good ground game- I would be willing to be he lasts longer than Mac Danzig does in the UFC . Lawlor (5-1-1 NC,1-0) is also a heavy handed guy and is a bit underrated on the submission side of things , but is making his first fight as his new weight- and I wonder if that will cause him to lose some of his power.

Robert: CB should win this.  I mean, it's not like he's fighting Amir Sadollah.  I'd really like to give Lawlor more than just a punchers chance, but that's all I see for him.  Dollaway is better at everything Tom is good at.

Jason: Both of these guys have wrestling backgrounds, so I think it comes down to who is the better striker.  CB even commented that Lawlor likes to take the fight to the ground and that he hasn't seen much of his standup game, so I believe he will give Lawlor's standup game a test. which I believe Lawlor will fail. 


David: CB, Submission, R2 
Robert: Dollaway, Rd 2, Submission. 
Jason: Dollaway/KO/R2

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