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The Mets are 1-0 in their last 1 and undefeated since the blockbuster trade that brought Jeff Francoeur to Citi Field. Let's look at what else the devoted fan base can expect from our beloved team: 

Angel Pagan, who is the first positional player back from injury, is a huge upgrade over FMart. He is the best lead off hitter the Mets have behind Reyes and should provide a spark at the top of the lineup. Hopefully, Jerry begins to stabilize the top of the order with Pagan, Castillo and Wright. Neither Murphy or Cora are top of order hitters.

Say whatever you want, but I like what Pagan brings to the table. In fact, the best run the Mets had this season was in May with Pagan playing regurlarly. Despite Reyes and Delgado going down, along with Beltran, Church and Cora missing a multitude of games (I won't even begin to mention losing Schneider or the pitching staff), Angel helped the Amazins to an awesome 19-9 record in May. But Pagan tweaked his noogies Memorial Weekend against the Fish and has been out since. Angel needs to stay healthy as injuries appear to be his kryptonite. But when he's in the lineup, he's effective. I view him as "Tron Lite".

After the break, the Mets should see a steady trickle of players returning from the DL. By mid August, the Mets should be back to full strength, with Wags replacing JJ Putz until he gets back around Labor Day. And let's face it; a pen of Frankie, Wags, JJ Putz, Feliciano, Parnell, Green and Stokes looks to be a very solid back half of the pitching staff. And if a combination of Santana, Pelfrey, Ollie, Johnny Maine, Nieve, Jon Niese and Nelly Figs can provide the Mets with quality starts, the Amazins just may be able to jump back into this divisional race. As for Livan and Tim Redding; later gator!

In the meantime, we'll all give a big round of applause for the return of Reyes, Delgado and Beltran. Here comes the Thunder & Lightning! And just in time too, as the dog days of summer should be in a full jack slap; ready to beat up and tear down the delicate cores of our divisional rivals. It sure sounds like we'll have them right where we want them. As if it was the plan all along... 

Last night, the fans got the pleasure of witnessing the very first game with our new right fielder. Perhaps Frenchy will be the spark that lights the fuse for this team. Although in the limited time I've watched Jeff hit this season, he appears to be dropping his hands and getting under the ball. It might explain his bloop single, pop up to the catcher and whiff, where he swung under the ball each time. I assume Hojo didn't make the claim that he could fix Frenchy's mechanics in "five seconds" like Rick Petersen did with Victor Zambrano back in 2005. But hey, you gotta start somewhere. How about off of a tee in the cages?

Let's continue the winning streak today. Extend it to a massive 2-0 since the trade. By the virtues of arithmetic, the Mets would win a series too. Then us fans can spend the next five days talking about all of the positive things that the Mets have going for them in the second half of the season.

Or not.


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