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This is my NFL 2007 Predictions of who has the potential for surprising and where are the REAL Questions that people should remember:


  • East
    1. Eagles - QB has been injured 3 of last 5 years and Who's he going to throw to?
    2. Dallas - Coaching Change Can the system still work?
    3. Giants - No Tiki which means Eli has to show up, better be over the sophmore slump.
    4. Redskins - Jason Cambell needs to step up and Win - Might be a surpriser here
  • North
    1. Lions- Wow, how can I say that? Did they loose anyone this offseason? Nope only gained in a weak division.
    2. Chicago - The loss of TJ means Benson is all by himself with Grossman still with big ???
    3. Vikings - Well they didn't do really anything dramatic so improving is the only way to go
    4. Packers - Farve really should know when to pick up a clip board the team is suffering.
  • South
    1. Saints - Defensive pickups help and schedule backs it up
    2. Panthers - Really runningback wise they need to do better for any chance.
    3. Bucs - As long as Garcia starts they will do good but if he falters drop to the bottom
    4. Atlanta - Vick and new Coach leave big question marks Vick barring arrest will have drive though.
  • West
    1. Rams - With the pickups they did, Bulgers health is the only thing (and D ) holding them with the pack.
    2. Seahawks - Maybe the Branch move will finally help the team.
    3. 49ers - They picked it up but Wide Recievers - Lelie as your #1 um long streatch
    4. Cardinals - Primarily New Coaching staff tells me it aint happening.


  • East
    1. Patriots - Can't make an easier statement than that. Although it is bout time Brady had health issues.
    2. Jets - Mainly because Pennington and Jones have a great setup and No major losses
    3. Bills - A rookie running back with Losman at the helm spells trouble.
    4. Miami - Green if he can QB healthy and well New Coach I wouldn't be worried.
  •  North
    1. Steelers - Big Ben and even with a Coaching Change can still beat the Ravens
    2. Ravens - Even with their pickups they look good I just can't see them doing as good this year.
    3. Browns - They will surprise some teams (not many) Not with swapping players like they did.
    4. Bengals - You have got to be kidding me, keep them out of jail should be priority one.
  • South
    1. Colts - You know I hate this but with a division like this where else will they be?
    2. Titans - I think Vince made Henry a better producer, I see the same with who ever they put in.
    3. Jags - They drop but only because they cannot stick with a QB and will make poor discions because of it.
    4. Texans - Dropping Carr like they did was STUPID then going after an untested Backup yep, smart one Kubiak.
  • West
    1. Chargers - Easy schedule but Coaching changes hardly help a team especially with a young QB.
    2. Denver - Pickups helped alot but Wide Outs still our main weakness as we will see this year.
    3. Oakland - Only because they couldn't have gotten worse and some of the moves actually made sense.
    4. Cheifs - Well Who's QB'ing? Or Will LJ sit or is it Preist again? Or who are you going to get to stop anyone?

Alright My first post and let'er ripp.  Oh by the way Schedule dictates everything barring a catastrophe. So check the schedules really before you post a reply.


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