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I have a confession...I'm an addict.  I have an extremely addictive personality...I get addicted to pretty much anything that's half way decent.  This months obsession is TWITTER (Facebook was so Q1 2009!)  And with the start of Trainning camp right around the corner I've decided to share with you the best way to get free camp updates and live feeds! Seriously, who needs a NFL Network subscription when you have TWITTER!  ESPN/CNNSI/NFL Network are so 2008...time to get Twitter!

Personally, I love Twitter mainly for its networking capabilities...I own a sports based nonprofit consulting firm.  So, Twitter is the only site that allows me to connect directly with soon to be clients (I've actually had some success!)  Twitter is like having a direct pager linked to Larry Fitzgerald or Ray Lewis. 

Plus, we fans get hit way too often with negative publicity about athletes.  Twitter really helps break down/combat some of the negative sterotypes/images created by the media...you'd be surpised at how many of your favorite atheletes are actually quite politically, business, and civically minded!  It's reassuring...some of these guys really do have the potential to be tremendous role models (with my help of course!)  Come on, you know that's pretty darn cool!!!  Oh and it's pretty entertaining to read these guys tweets to each other...finally I get to be that 'fly on the wall' in the locker room! 

On a personal note, I do think my obsesssion also stems from the fact that I live alone and work from home...so my daily human interactions are pretty limited (so sad, oh so sad!)  But now thanks to Twitter I'm able to connect not only to friends (my family isn't peep to the hotness that is Twitter) but I can connect to (well attempt to connect to) potential clients...sure does beat chasing people down in the streets!!

So be sure to follow me on Twitter (Rhonniefesq) and make sure to constantly tweet the following guys and BEG them to hire me to represent their nonprofit interest...afterall we are a fannation family!  To support me is to support u :)!!

Top 10 NFL Tweeters...

1. Domonique Foxworth -  @foxworth24 - He actually responded to one of my tweets, checked out my website and said he'd help me out!  Can you say AWESOME dude! Not to mention Foxworth is the prototype when it comes to athletes and people in general...check out his political and community involvement! (Shhh...gosh ok! Admittedly he, Darnell Dockett and Fabian Washington are the only people I've actually tweeted...guess I need to get a bit more active, I'm a Cards and Ravens fan!!!!!)

2. Matthew Hasselbeck - @matthewhass08 - gotta love a father who isn't ashamed to discuss his choice between Huggies and Pampers.  Plus dude is a natural comedian!

3. Terrell Owens - @Terrellowens81 - He's actually good at responding to fans and haters.  Don't ask where he finds the time to actually address ESPN's hate!  Actually, stop haing on Terrell ESPN...ya'll just mad you didn't pick up his show concept first! 

4. Ray Lewis - @Ray52Lewis - he actually promotes his youth camp participants through his twitter account...gotta love his mentorship skills!(his tweets are boring but gotta respect a man who shouts God out daily!)

5. Warren Sapp - @QBKilla, his name is QBKilla and he refers to himself as "daddy"...do you really need another reason to peep his tweets?! Funny enough, I think he gets hit on the most by overally thirsty females...lol do these women know that you can see their tweets?!  Stop with the Tweetpics...it's sad but yet entertaining!

6. Chad Ocho Cinco - @OGOhcocinco , He's in the process of filimg a pilot for a show concept with Bernard Berriman...copycats much?!  I just love reading broken english...keeps my street cred up (I'm not a PC blogger...I call it how it is!)

7. Ryan Grant - @RyanGrant25 - someone should really learn how to Direct Message people..TMI!  Please review his conversation with Michael Strahan, was that really meant for the public to read?!

8. Darnell Dockett -@ddockett - makes you ask...what really goes on inside some people's heads?! Funny tweets, love it when he's at the strip club.  Oh and we all know how he feels about being underpaid!  Oh and PLEASE don't insult him cause he will come at you hard!

9. Nick Barnett- @NickBarnett - gotta respect a man who cooks dinner for his wife and isn't afraid to tweet about it.  I support positiveness man!!!!!! (*Breaking News - sent me a note thanking me for the post**  People really do read my blog, that's hot...does this make me a reputable news source?!)

10 (tie). Donte Whitner -@DonteWhitner - Again, I promote positive thinkers.  This guy is actually quasi deep...he speaks real.

10. (tie) Steven Jackson -@sj39 you got to love anyone who refers to himself as a "community servant and lover of fashion!"

Honorable Mention

1. Fabian Washington - @fabewash31, dudes stays on twitter...makes me want to get my twitter weight up!

2. Jeremy Shockey - @therealjshockey - he's new to twitter, he made the honorable mentions because I presume his tweets are going to get real interesting! I mean we all know the dude loves Vegas...fun times ahead right?!

3. Larry Fitzgerald - @Lfitzgerald - just because he's a Cardinal

4. Visanthe Shiancoe - @vshiancoe - only shouting him out because his background pic has J. Vilma in it...ya'll know I'm a fan!

5. Kerry Rhodes - Kerryrhodes - I'm not a Jet's fan so he couldn't realistically make my top ten although his tweets are straight....he's worth following

Top Commentators

6. J.A. Adande - @jadande - he actually listens to hip hop...i just didn't think he'd be a "cool" dude.  The things you learn on twitter!

7. Jamie Dukes - @jamiedukes - I'm just a fan!



In case you're interested....

Champ Bailey - @champbailey

Andre Johnson - @johnson80

Drew Brees - @drewbrees

Pierre Thomas - @CPT23

Sinorice Moss - @humble83

Devin Hester - @D_Hest23

Deangelo Hall - @Dhall23

Antonio Pierce - @AntonioPierce (he's awful proud to be a gman!)

Darren Sharper - @sharper42

Sidney Rice - @sidneyrice

Takeo Spikes - @TakeoSpikes51

Willie Anderson - @willanderson79 (he owns three fatburgers!)

Kawika Mitchell -@ka_michell55

Mike Jenkins - @mikejenkins21

Najeh Davenport - @FAITHBOii

Shawne Merriman - @shawnemerriman

Kirk Morrison - @kirkmorrison52

Shaun Phillips - @shaunPhillips95




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