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Dallas Mavericks:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Frontcourt Depth - They need to make sure they resign Ryan Hollins because without him, they will be short and in need of people coming off the bench. I'm not sure if I'm sold on them play small with Dirk at center and Marion at PF, but if they decide to do that, they will struggle against any team with a true center.

2. Hold onto Eric Dampier Untill the Trade Deadline - A LOT of teams will be willing to part with really good centers to get him because of his expiring contract. If Philadelphia disappoints, Samuel Dalembert willl be available and they will easily be able to upgrade that position.

3. Stay Healthy - This is a must for them. They don't have very much depth, but their lack of cap space prevents them to adding players. IF they are healthy, they will be a contender in the West.


Upcoming Moves:

 Cut Greg Buckner.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Eric Dampier, Drew Gooden, Nathan Jawai

PF - Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Thomas, Kris Humphries

SF - Josh Howard, Shawn Marion

SG - Jason Terry, Matt Carroll, Quinton Ross

PG - Jason Kidd, Jose Juan Barea, Rodrigue Beaubois


Houston Rockets:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. A Scorer - With the loss of Ron Artest and the injuries of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, there might be enough players with the ability to score the ball. They need to make a trade for a big time scorer to help them out with their defensive-minded team.

2.  Stay Healthy! - Without all their best players on the floor, I don't think they will make the playoffs next year. They have a bright future, but this upcoming season means nothing if T-Mac can't come back strong, but at the same time, Yao needs to think about life after basketball. This is a serious injury and they need to protect their franchise player. With their current roster, I think they need to keep McGrady for the scoring punch.

3. Add More Size - Their only center currently on the roster is David Andersen, and he hasn't even played in the NBA yet. They need to get a proven guy who can play some defense and defend the rim, and a guy like Dan Gadzuric from Milwaukee could do that. The Rockets could offer exprining contracts to get the deal done.


Upcoming Moves:

 Trade Chuck Hayes, Brian Cook, and Brent Barry for Dan Gadzuric and a future pick. This gives Houston another big man and more size while Milwaukee gets the cap space they are looking for.


Projected Depth Chart:

C - David Andersen, Dan Gadzuric, Yao Ming (injured)

PF - Luis Scola, Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey

SF - Trevor Ariza, Shane Battier, James White

SG - Tracy McGrady, Chase Budinger, Jermaine Taylor

PG - Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry


Memphis Grizzlies:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Depth in the Backcourt - Currently, they only have Conley, Mayo, and Jaric in the backcourt and that is why people are spreading rumors about Allen Iverson coming to Memphis. I don't think that would be the right situation for Memphis. They need young, up-and-coming stars and they might have found a backup for Conley with Marcus Williams in the Summer League. They need to sign a couple more free agents.

2. Scoring - They don't necisarilly need a "AI" type of player, just somebody that can knock down the open jumper or get to the rim. I wouldn't spend all of their cap space, but signing players to minor deals would be the best thing for them to fill out that roster.

3. Cap Space - Even though aquiring Zach Randolph increased their salary, the move was needed to be made to give them a scoring post presence which they didn't have. Marko Jaric is also a huge contract and if they can pair him with their pick next year for a expiring contract it would be good for them.


Upcoming Team Needs:

Trade SG Marko Jaric and their 1st Round Pick next year for PF Kenny Thomas. They are desperate to get rid of Marko Jaric and I think they are confident enough that they will have a good record and will get rid of their 1st Rounder for cap space.

Sign SG Ime Udoka, SG Luther Head, PF Jeff Adrien, and PG Marcus Williams.

Buyout PF Kenny Thomas.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Marc Gasol, Hasheem Thabeet, Hamed Haddadi

PF - Zach Randolph, Darrell Arthur, Jeff Adrien

SF - Rudy Gay, DeMarre Carroll, Sam Young

SG - OJ Mayo, Ime Udoka, Luther Head

PG - Mike Conley, Marcus Williams


New Orleans Hornets:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Better Swingmen - Currently they have Peja Stojakovic and Rasual Butler starting. That is not good enough to contend in the West, I don't care how good your other starters are. They need a serious upgrade to keep Chris Paul and those fans happy, but sadly that is unrealistic at this point. I still think they are a playoff team, but it would be a miracle if they make it past the first round.

2. Shed Salary - They have one of the biggest salaries in the league, so instead of getting rid of it, they add more with the aquisition of Emeka Okafor. I'm not sure if any team wins that trade, but if this doesn't work out, New Orleans could be in big trouble in their future.

3. More Depth and Bulk - Their only reliable backups currently are James Posey and Hilton Armstrong, with others such as Morris Peterson, Julian Wright, Antonio Daniels, Devin Brown, and their other rookies. If only they had more cap space to sign some players....Also, with the aquisition of Emeka Okafor, it gives them some muscle, but with Armstrong and Wright in the frontcourt as well, it wouldn't hurt to add another big body.

Upcoming Moves:

 Trade Morris Peterson, Antonio Daniels, and Devin Brown for Eddy Curry and cash. (So basically 3 bad players for 1 bad player with a even worse contract.) Imagine what the trade deadline will be like next year with both Peja and Curry having HUGE expiring contracts?

Sign C Johan Petro and PG Royal Ivey.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Emeka Okafor, Eddy Curry, Johan Petro

PF - David West, Hilton Armstrong, Ike Diogu

SF - Peja Stojakovic, James Posey, Julian Wright

SG - Rasual Butler, Marcus Thornton

PG - Chris Paul, Darren Collison, Royal Ivey


San Antonio Spurs:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Clear up the frontcourt - They currently have 7 big men, so one of them needs to go. In my opinion, it will be Matt Bonner. I have him going to Toronto, along with Marcus Williams, for Marcus Banks, who is somewhat overpaid, along with a 1st round pick.

2. Keep Building - I loved their offseason moves. They had, without a doubt, the best offseason out of any team in the league. With the aquisitions of DeJuan Blair and Richard Jefferson, they sould be very happy. Keep getting younger San Antonio!!!

3. A Healthy Manu - He is crucial to their championship run. With him, they are one of the favorites out west, along with the defending champs. They don't have many remaining needs, just hope and pray that you stay healthy.


Upcoming Moves:

Trade Matt Bonner and Marcus Williams for Marcus Banks and a future 1st Round Pick.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Tim Duncan, Ian Mahinmi, Theo Ratliff

PF - Antonio McDyess, DeJuan Blair, Marcus Haislip

SF - Richard Jefferson, Michael Finley, Malik Hairston

SG - Manu Ginobili, Roger Mason, Jack McClinton

PG - Tony Parker, George Hill, Marcus Banks


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