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I recently joined this group and thought I should show one of my blogs. I just read another user's comparisons of Mc's and NBA stars so I decided to share mine.

The thought of this blog post was presented from the song "Kobe Bryant" by rapper Lil Wayne and Lebron's relationship with My favorite Rapper Jay-Z. The connection with Hip-Hop and the NBA is that they both give a doorway for underpivleged kids with amounts of talent , to showcase there skills.  The NFL doesnt have the same connection is because in the NFL, your career can be over in one play. MLB and NHL don't have the same connection  because  lets face it both league's are prodomitly white.

NBA makes most sense because it's easier to showcase your skills in the AAU, High schools and College. And injuries that are career threating  rarley happen in the NBA, last real career ending players was probably Shaun Livingston and Alonzo Mourning.

Hip-Hop music helps Urban kids and adults showcase there poetry capabilities to a whole another level. The best MC's have material that could be looked at as the " best poetry ever created".  Now I know what some of you are thinking.... Hip-Hop music was created by criminals that only talk about drugs, sex, women and, violence.

Even though most of these men are criminals, they use there poerty talent to express the every-day life of Urban youth. Most of them tell stories that the local/national news are not willing to tell. So don't judge these men by there wierd english language or there Profanity but judge them by there Songs that they are able to create in a rhyming scheme

Herer is my list of comparisons of the Hip-Hop MC's and NBA Stars

Jay-Z=Shaquille O'Neal

This is no question the best comparison. Both men are on the wrong side of 30, been in the game for longer than a decade and have been reconized as the best in the game/era. But what I like how they are similar, is that they both can come in and dominate when they want to. Even though people want to say Shaq is done,  when he wants to prove the doubter wrong he will go in and dominate the game. Just feed the big man the ball. He IS STILL the biggest dominant force in the NBA. Jay-Z is the same way. The best rapper since Pac and Big, his lyric game is out of this world. He spits with out writing down on a pen and he is still able to school the up and comers that challenge him. 

Eminem=Steve Nash

No this is not mainly becasue they both are white. This comparison is becasue both also at the wrong side of 30  , have the skills to put people in there place. Steve Nash and Em became more known  in there later years of there career. Steve was good in Dallas but when he came to Mike D'Antoni's offense in Phoenix he had a comeback year and won MVP. Eminem comes back time and time again to spit rauchy lyrics that people pay attention. Just when you think he was out, he comes back and raps in another flow with great lyric capabilties.  They both also make the people around them better. Em makes the other artist he peforms with better and Nash is just NASH.

Lupe Fiasco=Dwayne Wade

I know what some of you are thinking.. No way Lupe is Dwayne?!?! But there skills match perfectly. Dwayne Wade is not a player that demands to be in the spot light or try to be compared to MJ. He just goes out there and plays the game the best to his ability. Lupe is same way with Rapping. He is the true defintion of Hip-hop because true hip-hop is not played on radio. Lupe had one real radio single that made the charts. But his MC game is far better than his single. He doesnt ask for the spot light or beg for awards. He just writes real situations and Stories with amazing Vocab

Kanye West=Kobe Bryant

This is the Rap game's Kobe, not Wayne... Kanye is one of the best in the game no doubt about it just like Kobe. And Kanye's lil brother to Jay-Z's Big Brother just like Shaq and Kobe was. Kanye is looking for his album of the year like Kobe was looking for a championship without shaq... But they both whine alot. When both do not get there ways they whine about it. They both are divas.

Common=Kevin Garnett

These two are seeing the window close. for Common he hooked up with Kanye and he dropped to great albums with recongintion from the non typical hHIP-HOP pheens lol. Kevin hooked up with Ray and Paul and won a championship. Both were known as great but until they got with other people

50 Cent=Ron Artest

What more can I say, both are attention ****, both love the spotlight and both cause trouble. Ron and 50 like to stir up the pot with other artists/players. 50 is king of the rap beef and Ron has been in the stands, and talks down on other players like Kobe Bryant . I like how both are hungry to get to the top. 50 is releasing new mixtapes and Ron has cleaned up his act with the Rockets(somewhat lol)

Lil Wayne=Paul Pierce

Wayne is no Kobe. Lets get that straight. Wayne had nobody good enough to teach him the rap game and has been relevant since the Carter2. Yeah he was in Hot Boys but no one thought he would be on top. Paul Pierce has only been relevant since winning a title. He is not a hall of famer and if Ray and KG were not there, he would demand a trade. I like how both said they were the best in the game just because they had success for the first time . lmao

The Game=Carmelo Anthony

Big fans of both of them. Both have had some success  in there profession but not the result that they wanted. Baron Davis could also be a choice but he is done since he is with L.A. Carmelo has the brightest future , now that he is with Chauncey. The Game has a bright future now cause he is with other artists, own label and no 50

Nas=Tim Duncan

Another perfect matchup.  The two most UNDERRATED people in there proffesion. No one seems to talk about them when they best of all time. But when lat time I checked both have awards and Hardware. Not to mention Tim Duncan has 4 championships and Nas' lyric game is as amazing or better than any rapper in the past except PAC and BIG. Nas read the dictionary to get better lyric wise. Who in the right mide reads the Dictionary page by page. LOOK THAT UP IM SERIOUS. IT WAS ON BEHIND THE MUSIC/DRIVEN. Tim is just Tim. The best PF ever to touch the ball

T.I= Amare Staudermire

Amare , when he first came into the game was supposed to be the heir apparent when is came to the PF postion to the likes of KG and Tim Duncan. But after soaring in the NBA he had knee surgereis that put him out for a while. But after 2 years of healthy seasons, Amare is back to being one of the best young stars in the game. Same can be said of T.I. T.I. came into the game and took it by storm, with highjly successful CD's and a movie. Then T.I got caught with illegal weapons had left the game for a year. Now he came back with Paper Trail, which to me was his best album, and won back his success in the eyse of the public

Ludacris=Lebron James

Ludacris is amazing with his rhyming skills, remenising of nursery rhyming flow, but the man delivers. He is one of the best true MC's when it comes to lyrics just like Lupe and Nas. Lebron is freak of nature; a class of his own. He will never be Jordan because he is simply a different player. They may have the same nuber but different postions. What make these two similar is the hungryness and attitude both bring to the table. And there struggles to the Top. Luda won 1 grammy and Album award. Lebron, 1 MVP and 1 finals apperance. Both have failed to be champion of there respective postion.

Drake=Dwight Howard

Drake is the hottest MC right now. From Degrassi and Toronto, to doing songs with Mary.J, Jay-Z, Lil wayne and Jamie Foxx. He is in demand and ready to take the game by storm. Just like Dwight Howard. Howard wants to be the best big man in the game and has been already crowned the key to a franchise. But he stll has raw potentila in the offensive game. Dunks won't take you far. If he can update his hook shot ,spin move and passing like Shaq, the NBA history could be changed.

LL Cool J-Allen Iverson

There is nothing more to say about these two. Both were on top of the game until the younginz came into there professions. LL Cool J has started when my mom was in high school. And I'm an Upcoming senior.Lol. LL has the lyrics,flow and sex appeal(no ****) to keep him relevant. A.I is the same,l he may not be as old as LL Cool J, but A.I is looked at as a bench player that needs a offense built around him. Even though there past there prime, both can have make a hit record or take over a game respectively.Allen and LL do not want to go out with out a fight but they may be at the end of there careers

Other notables

Mos Def-Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher.... What else can you say about one of the best clutch shooters but yet underrated through his years in his career and has four rings. And Mos Def , the man is amzing with the pen and mind. His last album was true definition of Hip-hop. But doesnt get the reconition that he deserves. Just like DFisher2.

Fabolous=Chris Paul

Fab is often compared to the likes of Mase and Jay-Z. He also is sometimes referred to the future of Hip-Hop. CP3 is the next big things when it comes to Point Guard. He can Score, assit and run the team. And at his age, CP3 will be around for a good 10 more years. But the only uncertaintiy is his team. Lets face it New Orleans is getting hit hard by the ressecion and only time can tell if/when CP3 will be a Hornet for the long time. Fab has hits but needs the advirtisement and support game to get his album and songs to be sellers

Other notables

Young Jeezy=Chris Bosh

Kid Cudi=Derrick Rose



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