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The United Footbal League will have its Premiere season this upcoming fall, with four teams in Orlando, New York, San Fransico and Las Vegas respectively. The League will be led by Dennis Green, Jim Fassel, Jim Haslett and Ted Cottrell .

Having J.P Losman as your biggest name player, playing games in the fall with the NFL/NCAAF and being televised on the VS network ultimately will doom this league like so may others that tried to compete with the NFL.(XFL, USFL)

I believe the NFL should buy and make the UFL its Minor/Player Deveploment League. The only thing the NFL has to do is fund the league and provide it with players. The system that I came up with goes great for the NFL.

1. The UFL gets 16 teams and in those teams, 2 NFL organizations would hold it as its minor affliate one from each conferance.( For example the New York UFL team would be the Minor League affiliate for the New York Giants and New York Jets)

2. The UFL would have to attack markets that have no NFL ties. These cities would be great for the UFL besides Orlando and Las Vegas 

Los Angelas, Boston, Birmingham(ALA.) Honnolou,  San Antonio, Toronto, Portland, Oklahoma City,Milwaulke, Salt Lake City, Anaheim, Montreal or another big Canada city. What ABOUT LONDON?!?!

And maybe a team in San Juan( Puerto Rico) or Mexico City.

A team in one of those Big Latin Cities would only grow the Latin Fan-base.  Imagine having a team in Toronto, London and Mexico City/San Juan???  It maybe a big risk/ big reward but it would grow the sport of Football.

3. They need to appear games during the week, best day would be Wenseday. No football that day unless some scrub teams play college ball and you would get attention.

4. Have a major network buy into your system like Fox sports or the CW or ultimately ESPN.

 How does this help the Economy?!?!

 This Minor League system would take money to start up the league, but the revenue and sponors would make up for it and more.

If they can get 16 teams, imagine all the jobs that would be created in those 16 cities.

 All  the pratice squad players, Undrafted Players and Free Agents have a chance to work in the field of football.

The people that have to deal with the stadium work and marketing get jobs.

Imagine the hidden gems that can result from this. More players could show there talent instead of being judged at the combine and pro days.

And no this in not the Arena league. It would have the same rules as the NFL but instead of 16 games a season, the UFL could have 8-10.

The best thing for this league would be if Michael Vick joins them

*Tell me what you guys think





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