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Just a heads up - this is from what I know without doing any research or talknig to anybody that is involved in this whatsoever, much like what Obama said the other night about his friend that was "falsely" arrested, even though neighbors called the police because they thought somebody was trying to break into Professor Gates' house. Upon the police arrival, Gates did not show any identifacation to who he was nor did he cooperate with the police, which lead to the arrest and imprisonment of Gates under the charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Now that you know more than Obama knew about this case, you no longer have to side with Obama when he basically demand an appology from the arresting officer. In fact, it should be Gates who appologizes to the Cambridge Police Department for his actions. But we haven't been told the whole story yet; let's wait to hear the truth from Al and the Rev. before we make a decision...or you can just look at the police log for that day - it's up to you.


Back to the subject at hand. Thus far, the Obama presidency has been marked with change. Blatant accusations have been thrown about from the White House. First off, America is to blame for global warming, as Hillary claims. America does not respect Europe, as Obama claims. America is the cause for this current world economic crisis, as Obama claims. Basically, it is America's fault that we live in the world of today.


Well, to a certain extent yes. Why do I say yes? Because the banks do not know how to lend responsibly (they still don't today, and people today continue to live above their means. However, let us not forget that this all started back in the mid 1990s, not in the past few years as most"economic analysist" believe who report for NBC, CBS and ABC. As for the global warming blame, to bad we just didn't elect Al Gore - imagine how the world would look like today...


If you remember the 1990s like I do, then you will recall that there was a hit tv show and a board game under the name of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?. Well, by 2012 the game will be put back on the shelves by Milton-Bradley with the new name of Where In The World Is Joe Biden? I don't know where he is of this post...never mind. I just googled it and he is in Georgia, the small nation that was bombarded by Russia during the Olympics last year.


Good news for all you people who voted for Obama. Since he took office, only 2.921 million people lost their job. And he is still working on that quick fix that he promised during the campaign season. Now, I know that somebody will comment "Well it would be a quick fix if the f****** Republicans didn't block anything." I got news for you that might shock you, so take a seat a continue reading when ready: the Democrats own a 60%+ majority on Capital Hill, meaning that if all the Republicans vote no, and all the Democrats vote yes, and Obama votes veto, then the Democrats can still get that bill signed into law. So, don't be placing the blame on the GOP for the lack of progress the "Party of Change"has provided us with.


One final note for now, there was recently an Obama joke that was told by outlaw on a throwdown. It was nothing to bad, just a re-worded Clinton joke about the ceiling fan in heaven's office. Nice job CNN, I mean FanNation. I have seen much worse joke told about Bush which are okay because he is a Republican. But God forbid anybody tells a joke about the Messiah. Hat's off to CNN, cables most unbiased media outlet (can't use the most watched slogan anymore because FoxNews is the most watched cable news outlet). We, the silent majority have stood silent too long. Eventually, the silent majority will speak, and that time will come in November of 2010.




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