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So about two weeks ago I played my first "official" softball game in Central Park for a friend's team who happened to be down a player that day. Honestly, I didn't think it was going to be as great as it was.  I love playing sports. Love playing a little beer league softball.  But there is something that is pretty unique about playing in Central park, as opposed to Randall's Island where my Advertising Softball League team plays (  You get pretty big crowds at some of these softball games simply because people have nothing to do but enjoy the day in the park.  One thing that is very different about New York then any other city is that it takes so much time to get anywhere you want to go. So if you work in Midtown and live in Astoria (similar to myself) and get off an hour before you have to be at a dinner, you don't exactly have enough time to head back home. So what else is there to do but enjoy the day in Central Park, as it's too damn hot for a coffee at Starbucks.  Also, catching a fly ball and spotting the giant Hearst or CNN buildings out of the corner of your eye is pretty incredible. I almost lost a fly ball in left field when I took my eye off the ball for a second when a building came into my view.  You just don't see these kinds of things everyday when playing ball.  

I grew up in St. Louis where the tallest buildings pale in comparison to what we have in New York.  It's not like St. Louis is some small Midwestern podunk town.  We are a top 25 DMA with 3 huge sports franchises, not to mention the Arch, (don't f*ck with the Arch man). There's a juxtaposition waiting to happen in my childhood biopic (I know all you movie producers are looking for a fresh, new story to tell) just waiting to happen. Maybe you see mini-Wolf playing ball at the CCA fields in Chesterfield, MO then you check out some guys playing in Central Park. Cut back to 20 years later when I come home for a family reunion and you see me playing LF at the same fields, moved 100 yards to the west after the flood of 1993 (no joke) then cut to me 2 weeks ago playing LF.  Movie magic, movie gold people. Someone get Ari on the phone, pronto, stat.  Maybe get that kid from the Sixth Sense, not the creepy dead one, but the same kid who played opposite a disfigured Kevin Spacey in Pay It Forward. Yeah, he might work.


Anyone have any good stories of good times in Central Park? Doesn't even have to be softball or from this year for that matter? Go to see a free concert during Summer Series? Let's hear about it.



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