0 has grown remarkably over the last three months and the growth continues. More users are registering, more content is posted, more pages are viewed. The Republic of Sport is getting bigger and more interesting.

As the site has gotten larger and new features introduced and content gets richer and personalities of users emerges, many of our members have asked about moderation. As in:

"Is a moderated site?"

The answer is yes.

To the question, "how much moderation is done?"

The answer is we moderate in moderation.

Some will think we have too much moderating going on; some will think we have too little. Most won't notice. If that becomes the case, we've probably got it about right.

In general, the site is being moderated and will be moderated for matters of taste. This is a place for users to express their opinions about sports and no one is likely to remove a comment because he or she doesn't agree with it (after all, one user recently said that he thought the Lions would make the playoffs this year).

What we will remove is content that crosses the line on taste, obscenity, vulgarity, prejudice and hate. And if you think writing nonsense in a Throwdown or a blog or a comment is OK, we probably don't and that could also get yanked.

Will we spot everything that should be moderated? Probably not. All users can help keep the site as a great place to meet friends and make friends and talk sports by using the Contact Us button at the bottom of each page. Let us know, we'll check it out and if we agree with your complaint, the process will go on. 

Other things we will moderate (and remove) are offensive photographs in your User Image files. As a general rule of thumb, if the photo you choose could not appear in Sports Illustrated, you're not likely to see it on Again, this is a general rule. That concept also extends to the profile picture you choose. An offensive one will get you a warning and if it's not changed, your user profile (and all of your content) will be removed. If you have any questions on this, you might want to re-read the User Agreement you accepted when registering for the site.

We believe that the point about moderation is that less is more. If you think someone is cheating in Throwdowns, you can let us know but our advice is don't participate in those Throwdowns. The offenders will get the message when their stuff is ignored.

We'll post addtional Moderator's Blogs from time to time. You can drop The Moderator a message through the FanMail system. 

That's about it. We'll be back at you soon. In the meantime, have some fun out there.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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