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   Hello, please take a seat. This may seem strange, but I'm from the future. You see, I come from three months from now. The New York Mets season is over, and let's just say we didn't make the playoffs. Not even close. The whole season was a mess. From idiot assistants fighting with players to our GM (well, former GM) saying that a sportswriter who broke the story wanted the job to players dropping game ending catches, it was pathetic. Some said it was even worse than 1962, when we won 40 games! But things are gonna change, and I'm going to tell you why: Omar is gone, and now I'm the GM of the New York Mets.

   So, you may ask, what's my first move? It's simple: Mr. Manuel, clean out your office, YOU'RE FIRED. You should have never been retained in the first place. "A fresh start", everyone said when we fired Willie Randolph, "What the Mets need is a fresh start". We then procceded to do exactly like we did under Willie: We had a huge lead coming into the end of the season, and we blew it to the Phillies. Omar should have looked at that and said "Well, I need to get someone else in here that can get the job done the ENTIRE season." But he didn't, so I had to step in and do something.

   Now I have to call in some candidates for the position. Let me think, who has what it takes to manage the New York Mets? This one name just keeps hitting me in the head, saying "Duh!". That name is Bobbby Valentine. As you may remember, Valentine managed the Mets for seven years, and had only one losing season. Valentine has since moved on to Japan, where he is a beloved manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines. However, he won't be returning to the team next year. This could be perfect! Still, better make a list of some other people to call in case he turns us down. Don Mattingly, yes THE Don Mattingly, the Yankee, Joe Maddon, the Rays manager, and Rudy Jaramillo, just to hear all the sportswriters try and pronounce his last name.

  Next is the roster moves. The Mets are trying to go the way of the Yanks, signing big names year after year in order to make it all the way. But as any baseball fan knows, the Yankees haven't won a World Series in nine years, and it's because of the way their running the team. What we need is to build up our farm system and quit signing these big name guys who do nothing for us. What we need to do is make a trade and get some quality prospects. We'll trade a guy like Carlos Delgado to a team that has a great farm system and is in need of a certain position, and we will just work our way back to the top.

  Working in baseball isn't easy, but someone has to come in and fix these Mets. We just built a new stadium, and everything just looks so promising. To be a laughing stock is unacceptable, and it will NOT happen again under my watch. So sleep easy, Mets fans, because the moves I've made that I've explained above will give us a ring in two to three years, I guarantee it.


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