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     Well, sorry for the hiatus, but I was getting sucked into the FanNation vortex that left me leaving more responses on message boards than actually doing work at the office.  But now it is time to get back in the game and recap what has been going on with they Browns, express some concerns, and deliver some positive notes.

      Over the course of the last moth and a half or so, news from Browns Camp has been relatively quiet. The organization is keeping to its word on "internal affairs will remain internal," as Mangini said in his first press conference as Browns head coach.  However, they have mangaed to keep the public better informed than in the first few months of the new administration.  Camp overviews on all the postitions have been updated on the Browns website, giving the fans a glimpse into the depth that has been added, and where the training camp battles will be tight.  They have also managed to sign every draft pick, except Brian Robiskie; which, I expect him to sign soon (fingers crossed).  Stallworth, as you know, has been suspended indefinitely by Goodel, so getting Robiskie there for the first day of camp is vital for the team.  Despite the progress made, I do have some concerns for this team.

     First of all, the Cirbbs situation is not handled yet.  Something needs to be done to ensure that the best all around athlete on the team is there and happy.  Secondly, what is going on with Braylon Edwards?  He's in a contract year, so one would think that he would be the example citizen for the Browns;  however, he was linked to be with Stallworth on the night that he hit Mr. Reyes, missed the first day of camp, and is now sidelined with an undisclosed, non-football injury--not exactly the direction you would want to be headed in if you want a big payday contract.  Third, (this goes without saying) the QB situation is a mess, which keeps fans divided, as well as the team (I assume).  The good news is that camp and preseason are approaching, so Browns fans will not have to wait much longer to hear who the starter will be (please stay away from Michael Vick).

    I hate to end on a bad note, so here are some positives that I see going into camp, preseason, and the regular season.  We have depth at almost every position: offensive line, defesive line, linebacker, WR (for the most part), running back, defensive back, tight end.  The Browns have bodies now that can give quality minutes of rest to their starters, barring injuries.  With all but one of the draftees signed, the Browns can get them in there to see where they stand against the veterans, and push them to keep their jobs.  Camp and Preseason are going to be exciting for Browns fans, who I think will be watching this team closer in the preseason than in previous years.  there is excitement in the air as the shroud of secrecy will be forced off as the Browns start to take the field.  Lastly, I encourage anyone who can go to the Browns practice facility to watch for free to do so.  There are those of us abroad, myself included, that would love to but are out of Ohio.  Any news from camp would be WELL appreciated! 

     That is all for now, Browns fans.  It is time to start dusting off the dog masks, stock up on the Milkbones, and get ready for Cleveland Browns football.


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