Dead Blogs In The Middle of The Road

Chicago Bulls:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Strong Post Player - They need a big guy to pair up with Derrick Rose to make for a dangerous team. This team is still unlikely to get out of the first round unless they make a big splash in a trade for a big man. One team that makes sense to trade with Chicago is Philadelphia. They need a point guard (Kirk Hinrich), young talent (Tyrus Thomas), and cap space (Jerome James) while Chicago gets their back-to-the-basket big man (Elton Brand) and a replacement for Ben Gordon (Lou Williams).

2. Defense - Last year, they didn't care much about it. I think they are taking the right steps to becoming a defensive team with the aquisition of John Salmons last year and with Luol Deng coming back, but they need to figure out what they are trying to do. Another sharpshooter would be good as well.

3. Turn that Depth into Talent - They have plenty of depth off the bench...Hinrich, Pargo, Hunter, Johnson, Gibson, Miller, Gray....they could combine some of those players and get a All-Star calibar big man, and that's exactly what I have proposed for them.


Upcoming Moves:

Trade Tyrus Thomas, Jerome James, and Kirk Hinrich for Elton Brand and Lou Williams.

Resign C Aaron Gray.

Sign SF Linas Kleiza.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Joakim Noah, Brad Miller, Aaron Gray

PF - Elton Brand, James Johnson, Taj Gibson

SF - Luol Deng, Linas Kleiza

SG - John Salmons, Lou Williams

PG - Derrick Rose, Jannero Pargo, Lindsey Hunter


Cleveland Cavaliers:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Shooting - I was hoping they would get a shooing 4 to pair up with LeBron and Shaq in the frontcourt, somebody like Hakim Warrick, but instead, they decide to overpay for a "hustle" player how was not needed. When he is 31, he will be earning $9.8 million...that will be one of the worst contracts in the NBA then. I liked the pickup of Anthony Parker, but they could have done better at PF. It's too late to fix the problem now with Varejao, Hickson, and Jackson all under contract at the 4 spot.

2. Be Sure They Understand the Future - Other then LeBron being a free agent, both Shaq and Big Z will become a free agent, leaving Cleveland with no centers on the roster. They need to know and figure out who their future big man is or where they will find him. Their draft pick will be too low to select a starter and their list may be lowered down to Brendan Haywood, Joel Przbilla, Marcus Camby, and Jermaine O'Neal.

3. Keep LeBron Satisfied - They are doing a good job, but if they don't reach the Finals, I'm afraid LeBron might decide to go to another franchise. I guess time will tell to see if their offseason was a success.


Upcoming Moves:



2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Shaquille O'Neal, Zydrunas Ilguaskas

PF - Andersen Varejao, JJ Hickson, Darnell Jackson

SF - LeBron James, Jamario Moon, Danny Green

SG - Delonte West, Anthony Parker, Trey Johnson

PG - Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson


Detroit Pistons:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Continue Rebuilding - They have made it this far, and should continue to get rid of older players, Richard Hamilton being one of them. A possible contending team (Utah) could offer some young talent and cap space for him, and that would get the deal done. Either way, Detroit isn't going to be contenders this year and will have to go into rebuilding mode. Tayshaun Prince needs to become a leader on this team, no matter how disappointing they are.

2. Rebounding and Size - Currently, their starting center is the one and only Kwame Brown. That isn't something to be proud of. He is their only true center on the roster. Sadly, all the good centers have already signed contracts, so it seems like this will be their depth at center....Kwame and Wilcox. Vilanueava isn't exactly a rebounder either. Jason Maxiell better lead the league in rebounds or else Detroit will lose every game by a huge rebounding differential.

3. Defense - This is what many rebuilding teams have trouble with. With offensive-minded players such as Stuckey, Gordon, and Vilanueva, it might be hard to stop teams from scoring under 100 PPG. Good luck with that Mr. Kuester.


Upcoming Moves:

Trade Richard Hamilton for CJ Miles, Matt Harpring, and a future 1st Round Pick.

Buyout Matt Harpring.

Sign PG Jeremy Pargo and PF Jonathan Bender.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Kwame Brown, Chris Wilcox

PF - Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell, Jonathan Bender

SF - Tayshaun Prince, DaJuan Summers, Austin Daye

SG - Ben Gordon, CJ Miles

PG - Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum, Jeremy Pargo


Indiana Pacers:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. Athletic Big Men - They have Troy Murphy, Roy Hibbert, Jeff Foster, Solomon Jones, Tyler Hansbrough, and Josh McRoberts under contract, all of them being one of the least athletic players in the league. They need some explosiveness down and some excitement. Maybe they can obtain that player in the draft next season...

2. Focus More on Defense - Last year, they relied mostly on their offensive game to try to get them that playoff spot, and it didn't pay off. With the aquisition of Dahntay Jones, I think they are taking the rights steps to become a playoff team in the near future. Plus, with the development of Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert, they should grow into this teams starting SG and C.

3. Get a Sidekick for Danny Granger - Sometimes, Danny Granger seems to be doing everything on the offensive end. That's why they need some cap space to potential bring in a big name free agent to work with Danny Granger and continue to help this team rebuild their image and get more fans to the games.


Upcoming Moves:

Trade Mike Dunleavy, Tyler Hansbrough, and a future pick for Louis Williams, Willie Green, and Jason Smith.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Roy Hibbert, Jeff Foster, Jason Smith

PF - Troy Murphy, Solomon Jones, Josh McRoberts

SF - Danny Granger, Dahanty Jones

SG - Brandon Rush, Lou Williams, Willie Green

PG - TJ Ford, Earl Watson, Travis Diener


Milwaukee Bucks:

Remaining Team Needs:

1. More Cap Space - Oviously, the combination of Redd, Jefferson, and Bogut didn't produce last year so they got rid of one of them to clear space. Now that they draft Brandon Jennings and already have Luke Ridnour, it seems like both Villanueva and Sessions will be out. That will save them some money, but a trade sending out Gadzuric (and his horrible contract) to a team that needs size to a team like Houston who has some even more horrible expiring contracts makes sense from both sides.

2. Decide Who is a 3 and Who is a 4 - The Joe Alexander, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Hakim Warrick, and Ersan Ilysova, all who are able to play SF and PF. They need to decide who plays what position and stick to that. But altering the lineup at times might help decide who plays well with whom.

3. Play Small at Times - I think with their projected lineup below, they could easilly slide Amir Johnson at the center position when Bogut is sitting, play one of their combo forwards at PF, play Redd at SF, and another 2 guards in the backcourt. This isn't the only lineup that could work though. They could be fun to watch and not worry about competing for a championship since they oviously don't have the talent, but it's totally up to Scott Skiles.


Upcoming Moves:

Trade Dan Gadzuric, Francisco Elson, and a future pick for Brian Cook, Brent Barry, and Chuck Hayes.

Cut Brian Cook, Brent Barry, Sonny Weems, Walter Sharpe, and Kurt Thomas.

Sign SG Jodie Meeks and C Johan Petro.


2009-2010 Projected Depth Chart:

C - Andrew Bogut, Johan Petro

PF - Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Amir Johnson, Chuck Hayes

SF - Hakim Warrick, Joe Alexander, Ersan Ilysova

SG - Michael Redd, Charlie Bell, Jodie Meeks

PG - Brandon Jennings, Luke Ridnour


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