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Most people, myself included, we probably not to surprised to hear that there was a chance that the redsox newly aquired back up 1st basemen, adam laroach, was on his was out the door.. but bmost people, once again, myself included, were very surprised to hear who he was traded for... another 1st basemen right after the sox had  traded for c/1b victor martinez. the redsox aquired casey kotchman with about 8 minutes left before the deadline. i was watching the mlb network's coverage of the happenings when one of the broadcasters mentioned the sox might try with a last ditch effore to awuire adrian gonzalez with kotchman was one ofthe pieces.. now, this obviously never happened, but.. no one has said it wont.. in 2005 kotchman was the 6th rated prospect in the country, and was been ranked in the top 22 players from 2002-2005. kotchman hasn't quiet turned into the player that was expected of him, but there's still time for him to become a very decents 1st basemen. last season, in the summer of 08, the braves knew their time with mark teixeira was coming to the end. they had to try to get some decent player for him in return, and mot clubs new tha it would be a rental, so they weren't going to get the slew prospects that they had traded from him.. they had a very reasonable asking price for the two teams that were after him the hardest, the redsox, and the angels.. from the redsox the braves asked for allstar youkilis, and highly touted prospect craig hansen, from the angels, they asked for casey kotchman.. Like i said, he hasn't come close to his potential and the angels were sick of how he was playing and shipped him to boston for poor-man's-mike-lowell adam laroach.. This is why i think the redsox did the trade, they were either trying in the last 8 minutes of the deadline to flip the trade and send kotchman in a trade w/ buchholz and bowden and lowrie for adrian gonzalez.. kotchman is a young lefthanded 1st basemen like gonzalez, the big differense is the hitting. gonzalez is one of the game's elite hitters. As a sox fan, i would like to see this offseason, the redsox go after gonzalez once again, sending kotchman and the other prospects w/ him to san diego.. i know some people are wondering what the redsox would do with 1 all star 1st basemen, 1 all star catcher, 1 allstar catcher/1st basemen, 1 all star 1st basemen/3rd basemen, and one all star DH.. and to be honest i don't completely know, but then again, this is theo epstien we're dealing with, the one who came into this season knowing he would have 7 big league starters in the organizatation come the trade deadline and never considered it a problem.

maybe they send him to toronto in a deal for halladay, god knows the jays will be SOL if they don't trade halladay this offseason.

regardless.. i'm curious to see if the redsox had a reason behind this mind boggeling trade, or if they did it.. just for the hell of it..


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