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  This week it was leaked that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were among the 104 players that tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in the 2003 season. This leads to question the Red Sox 2004 season, when they broke the curse and won the World Series for the first time since 1918. Many of people have commented on this news, but the one man I'm going to focus on is none other than former MLB player Jose Canseco. "When you tell me something I didn't already know, I'll be surprised," Canseco told ESPN. "And I'll tell you this, Major League Baseball is going to have a big, big problem on their hands when they find out they have a Hall of Famer who's used." However, Canseco refused to name names, saying "It's not about naming names. I've never had anything against the players. It's always been against Major League Baseball. I know who's on that list, but like I said, it's not about attacking the players. It's about the machine that allowed this to happen. What I speak out of my mouth is the truth. It burns like fire. Just remember, I have never lied about this subject."

So, I began to wonder, who's the man in the Hall who's used the juice? Here are 4 people that are in Cooperstown that I would guess might have used performance enchancing drugs sometime in their career. Just remember that this is all just speculation.

Rickey Henderson - I don't know why, but Rickey's name came to my mind when I heard about Canseco's quote. Maybe it's just because he's one of the newest members to the Hall, maybe not. Like maybe Canseco kind of tried dropping a hint, just now saying they have a Hall of Famer who used 'roids. Looking at Henderson's stats, Rickey had a big jump in HRs in 1990, going from 12 HRs the previous year to 28. Still, it wouldn't really make sense that Henderson would use steroids. He was a speed guy his entire career, and his career high for HRs was 28. However, in 1990 not everything we know now about steroids was known. Maybe Henderson didn't think and just took the juice.

Wade Boggs - Boggs played at the height of the steroid era, so maybe he is the guilty party. Boggs never was much of a home run hitter, but in the 1987 season he hit 24 HRs. Then he hit under 8 HRs for 6 years until the 1994 season when in just 97 games he hit 11. You would have to take all his homeruns from '92 and '93 and then 2 from '91 to equal just the '94 season alone. That seems peculiar to me. Plus Boggs was a Red Sox and Yankees player, and most of the players that have either been accused of using steriods or have admitted to doing so played for either of these teams.

Tony Gwynn - As you can tell by the list so far, the players I have selected are based on a sudden spike in their HR's. Gwynn is a good example. In his first fourteen seasons in the bigs, Gwynn never hit more than 14 HRs. Then he hit 17 in '97, 16 in '98, and then back to 10 in '99. Is it possible that Gwynn got on the 'roids in '97, and then sometime later he realized what he was doing was wrong and decided to quit? No one truly knows but Gwynn, and no one can really believe what he would say if asked about it.

Cal Ripken, Jr - Oh, this one hurts me. I've always admired Ripken for the fact that he played in 2,632 straight games. But this is part of the reason he could be suspected. Steroids can help you come back from any injury quicker. Ask any person that knows anything about steroids, and that's what they'll tell you. Steroids could have played a part in Ripken being able to play through some injuries in his run at Lou Gehrig. The only spike I see is Cal's HR stats is in the 1996 season, where Ripken went from 17 HRs to 26.




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