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Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Why the **** should we care?!  Well, when I see these, I think that, but I always end up being very entrigued.  I hope that you guys give a crap about this.  To me, it is like an alternate season.  I always find it interesting to see what other people do with their dynasty.  So here it goes.

This is the debut of NCAA Football 08.  I own an XBox 360, so I don't know what people who own other systems think of the game, but I love it.  The graphics are seamless.  The gameplay is extraordinary.  The dynasty and campus legend are perfect.  Of course, my dynasty is with Notre Dame.

My first moves in the preseason was to recruit.  I decided, what the hell, just recruit all top stars!  That strategy worked out well.  During my first week of recruiting, I signed four prospects.  One running back, two cornerbacks, one tight end.  One corner and the tight end were a four star, but the others were five stars.  I guess those guys were big Notre Dame fans, because I didn't need to even make a pitch, and they signed right away.  One amazing thing about this game is how complex recruiting is.  There are many more pitches, you can make promises, and you can recruit much more in season.  Recruiting has always been what has put NCAA over Madden, and this recruiting is superb.

Next, I redshirted.  I decided that Demetrius Jones and Zach Frazer would be redshirted, while I keep Jimmy Clausen and Evan Sharpley as redshirts, in case of injury next year.  Then I decided to redshirt almost all freshmen.  This will keep Weis' amazing recruiting class of 2007 locked up for a while.

Then the depth chart came.  I thought that the game did a nice job of setting it, so I kept it.  They had Clausen as the starter, which is good.  I have never been a big Sharpley fan.  One thing I have noticed is that they didn't get the captains right.  This year's captains are Maurice Crum, John Carlson, Travis Thomas, and Tom Zbikowski.  They had John Sullivan the center as a captain.

A quick fact: The Irish start out the season unranked, and they have the tenth toughest place to play.

Then it was time to start the season.  With my short attention span, I prefer to shorten the games down to 3 minutes.  I thought that I should work my way up to the usual Heisman difficulity by setting it on All-American.  I have read that passing on this game was tough, so I had to be prepared.  The season started off against Georgia Tech at Notre Dame.  I had a recruit there, so this game meant more than just my win-loss record.  Georgia Tech has a stingy defense, so Clausen was up for a test.  Note that neither of these teams are unranked, so this might not affect the standings.

The coin toss came up in favor of the Ramblin' Wreck, so they decided to keep the ball.  They were pounded it with their running back.  He would get a bundle of yards on first down, which resulted in many third-and-shorts.  This was wearing down my defense and running down the clock.  I knew that I needed a stop, but that didn't happen.  They scored by way of an eight yard pass to WR #89 (if any Jacket fan reads this, please give me some names so I can export my draft).  They missed the extra point which gives me an advantage.

I take control of this game with a 2 yard run by James Aldridge.  This gives the Irish a one point advantage.  They had just enough time (57 seconds) to score, and they did on a 42 yard field goal.  The third quarter was uneventful, and so was a majority of the fourth.  Tom Zbikowski got an interception in Irish territory, which gave the Fighting Irish a chance.  Once they got into Ramblin' Wreck territory, I ran it up the gut, and finally scored with Aldridge for the win.

Clausen threw for 126 yards.  Aldridge ran for 45 yards and two touchdowns.  George West caught four passes for 70 yards.  Scott Smith got two tackles and a sack.  David Bruton lead the team in tackles with six.


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