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Its kind of an interesting year to be a White Sox fan. I am definetly a die hard fan and basically my mood is dictated by wht the Sox did lastnight or whatever...

The Sox are having a seemingly tough year. They are scratching and clawing their way to an above .500 record. They look like an unstoppable force at one moment, then the next they look like they will never win again. Its gonna be tough for them to eek into the playoffs this year--but not impossible. They are entering into the final 3 games of a pretty brutal 18 game strech (all 4 opponets above .500, one series against all 3 divison leaders). So far they have gone 7-8, the only teams they lost to were the Tigers and Twins both mediocre teams. The Sox are gonna have 1 more extremely brutal strech in late August that may be the deciding factor.

The future for the White Sox, though, is definetly cause for excitement. The White Sox are on target to have one of the best pitching rotations in all of baseball. With a pair of Aces in Peavy and Buehrle, plus young starters Gavin Floyd and John Danks. Both would be solid number 2 and have yet to even reach their peaks. If you can get a more consistent effort out of each of them the Sox will have be running a Great starter out there 4 out of every 5 days. I could be their 5th pitcher and they would still have a damn good pitching staff.

The Sox also have a very good core of young players. 2 of their starting infielders this year are rookies. Gordon Beckham is a phenom and basically a shoo in to be AL rookie of the year. He is batting .311 with 17 doubles, 5 HRs and 36 RBIs. He is clearly going to be a superstar over that at 3rd base. Chris Getz, the other rookie infielder isnt quite as gaudy, however he is putting together a great rookie campaign as well. Batting  .271 with 17 doubles, 4 triples and is 17/18 in stolen bases. Thats a 94 percent clip.

They also have young SS Alexi Ramierz who is having a decent sophmore season after finishing 2nd in ROY voing last season. Paul Konerko is making a bid for Comeback Player of the year after his resurgence, proving he has something left in the tank...

The only void the Chi Sox potentially will have to fill for next season is to find a new leadoff hitter/centerfielder. Maybe they can find someone in FA, but i dont think Scott Podsednik is the answer and most White Sox fans would probably agree with me.

A FA this year that the White Sox have always like is Chone Figgins. He is a great speed guy who can play a couple of different positions and would like great atop our lineup. Maybe to get him you move Alexi to CF, Beckham to his natural position at SS and plug Chone Figgins in at 3B. Then the White Sox would have a seemingly rock solid team with no major holes.

With a pick up of Figgins the potential lineup would be as follows:

3B: Chone Figgins

SS: Gordon Beckham

RF: Carlos Quentin

DH: Jermaine Dye

1B: Paul Konerko

CF: Alexi Ramirez

C: AJ Perzynzki

LF: Wise/Kotsay/Platoon Player

2B: Chris Getz


1: Jake Peavy

2: Mark Buehrle

3. John Danks

4. Gavin Floyd

5. Rookie/FA/Me


MR: Scott Linebrink/Octavio Dotel

Setup: Matt Thorton

Closer: Bobby Jenks


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