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We were discussing this in a deleted TD last night, and I figured nobody else would do it, so I'll give it a shot.

 I'm doing this mainly from memory, and I'll do my best to leave cherry pickers off the list, so do not be insulted if your name isn't on here because I am going to be humble and leave myself off the list.


1. D-Fan- I know CCC isn't going to be a fan of this pick, but he has be a perinial number one on the leaderboard, and he doesn't just refresh the TD to find an easy win.


2. Rstowe- He is one that often gets left out of converstions of the best TDers on this site, much less top tders ever.  He has beaten the best of the best, and doesn't back down.


3. Porkins- Could you really leave him out of the top 3?  Always near the top of the leaderboard by TDing in actuall TDs, and very humerous when he wants to be.


4. David- Only Fannation member ever with over 1000 wins.  Nuff said.


5. Coletrain- First member of the original Fannation Hall of Fame, great TDer, couldn't leave him out of my top 5.


6. AdamLee- 40-0, isn't around any more, he isn't top 5 worthy, but definitely goes in the top 10.


7. GOAThwc- Fannation Hall of Fame member, great TDer, makes an appearence every now and then.


8. SteelerCooz- I had left Fannation for the majority of his tenure here, but I did get to see the first part and the last part, definitely top 10 worthy.


9.  BSchwartz07- Amazing TDer, Amazing guy, went to Iraq and served our country, a top 10 without him is not a top 10.


10. Hyped78- He is on the leaderboard and doesn't cherry pick.  Amazing to see a guy who has lived in Portugal and never lived in the US know so much about American Sports.


11. The Ram- Great TDer, don't always agree with him, but he can back his stuff up.


12. [THE] Coach- The man knows what he's talking about, he's older than most of us, but he still has it.


13. Yoda- You hear about the green dude being the best hockey TDer ever on this site.


14. Wallace- A 50-3 record while not cherry picking is amazing, top 15 easily.


15. T-Fo- A tad bit underrated, I would probably have him higher if he didn't go for the Zinger so much, but still a great TDer.


16. Phillyeagles36- He just goes by Philly now.  Great TDer, I've never beaten him, has always been on the leaderboard.


17.  Baun-ded-  Hockey mastermind, one of the best.


18. G.O.A.T- No I didn't already use him, just a simular name.


19. B0mb3rs- The first Fannation member to reach 100 wins.


20. Ghost-  The dude forfeited like 30 TDs when he was leaving one time and is still almost on the leaderboard.  Hilarious as well.


21. Bigalke- If you ever TD against him, you'd better have a dictionary near by.


22. Nickb23- Isn't on much anymore, but the man could TD with the best of them.


23. Hemogoblin- While I disagree with his political views, you can't deny his skill.


24.  The Bandit- If he did a TD today he would be third on the leaderboard.


25.  Nomarfan- Doubt any of you knew him, but check out his profile.


26.  Cardsox- You can't put in Nomarfan and leave Cardsox out.


27.  CCC-  We haven't always got along, but he will TD ANYTHING.


28.  Mac-  Been around since the beginning(well he's gone now), be the man could flat out TD.


29.  Big Ben68- 27-4 record, gone now, but was a great TDer.


30.  Chrono- Hasn't been around for a while, but talk to any vet and they will tell you how good he was.


31.  BigDLeech- Avid Roy hunter, and a great TDer


32- 0x- Always been near the leaderboard.


33.  Duquesne-  Was always on the leaderboard, Roy hunter, belongs on the list.


34.   Lakers#1- Fannation vet, one of the best basketball TDers on here.


35.  Goodell- The 600 win monster.


36.  Cain-  He's a good TDer, I think he's top 40.


37.   Oso- Not really known for TDing, but was great at it when he did.


38.  EFB- There before his original account was deleted he had 50 wins in a row and was on the leaderboard.


39.  Dyhard-  The dude has been in a lot of TDs, and he knows what he is doing.


40.  RobertMenn-  Gotta give the second best MMA TDer on this site(second to me of course) some love.


41. Moondizzle- Don't let the record fool you, he can TD with the best of them when he does a serious TD, and his funny ones are lost because most people on here don't know they are jokes, but I find them hilarious.


42.  DP- Would be on the leaderboard now if he didn't have a rough stretch where he forfeited some turns in some TDs


43.  Gruden-  He probably should go a little higher, but I forgot about him until now.


44.  SS-  Again don't let the record fool you, he always went up against the best of the best.


45.  Chosen1- He can argue a lot of sports, and can hold his own against anyone.


46.  SteveO- He should be higher, but I forgot about him until now as well, but making the list is impressive.


47.   Agrippa-  He doesn't like me, but Ican't deny him from the list.


48.  Travis31-  He belongs in the top 50.


49.  Roberts#1- He knows his hockey.


50.  FavreFan-  I forgot about him at first, but he definitely goes on the list.



I'm sure I forgot a few people, if you have some sugestions, please feel free to put them in the comments.


FYI- If I wasn't so humble, I would be on there.


Honorable mentions- The Comedian(Boston GM), Lance Uppercut, Pitt Panther, Foosball, BBK, Trav, Jpngyn(spell), JB, 513, Southern Discomfort, Lana, Metsfan, Rush Limbaugh(his first account was good)


Should be on the list but I forgot about them until just now- REDWINGS19, Do Work Son, Lifer, LGP, Elway4prez


Errors I've made-  Bigalke, Ram, SteveO, Gruden and Favrefan should be higher


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