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   It's been a tough training camp for the Atlanta Falcons, especially for the wide receiver core. First off, apparent star WR Roddy White is holding out, trying to get an extension and more money for his 1 year, 2.28 million dollar deal. Let's focus on this situation for a moment. Is this a selfish or smart move for Roddy? This will probably be the only time you ever hear me say this: Holding out is the best move for Roddy White.

    Let me give a few reasons for me making this statement. White is going into his final year of his current contract, and he is lobbying hard for a new deal. What happens to all that lobbying if he gets hurt and is out for the rest of the year? If he was to hurt himself now, he would lose about $5 million this offseason. Now here's the reason why the Falcons have to give him a contract. The main reason is their idiotic signing of Michael Jenkins to $20 million over 4 years. Let's compare Jenkins 2009 stats to Roddy Whites: In 16 games, Michael Jenkins made 50 catches for 777 yards and 3 TD's. In 16 games, White made 88 catches for 1,382 yards and 7 TD's, earning White his first ever Pro Bowl appearance. You basically have to double Michael Jenkins 2008 stats to make them even close to Roddy's. So that means that White is your star WR, and you need to just pay up before he winds up leaving town. 

  Now from people holding out to people on the ground holding their knees. On the fifth day of Falcons' training camp, 2nd year WR Harry Douglas got caught up with a CB in a one-on-one drill and tore his ACL. He will now be out for the remainder of the 2009 season. Atlanta is now looking around for some more WRs. Today they signed veterans Marty Booker and Robert Ferguson in attempt to give a little more depth to the posititon, but I think this was a mistake. Their is one free agent WR that I think would fit great in Atlanta, and he'll be in Canton one day.

  That's right, I believe the Falcons should sign former Colts Star Marvin Harrison. What would Atlanta lose with this signing? This guy has been a beast forever, and sure, he's dropped off some the past few years. But you're not looking for a guy like Marvin once was in Indy, you are just trying to find a player who can come in when he's needed and make the big catch, and I believe that Harrison could be the guy. The signings of Ferguson and Booker make this move less likely, but hey, they could always release them the day after they've signed them. After all, they did this to Troy Bergeron earlier this offseason and Dicky Lyons, Jr this week!

  I also believe that the Harry Douglas injury makes the White deal that much more important. White is a huge part of this team, and they really need as many WR's out there as they can get. I can't even think of a really star WR that Atlanta has had that actually did good with the Dirty Birds, so we need to just hold on to White.  



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