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So here comes my final ranking's for QB,RB,WR. Top 5 for all posistion's, and a dead on prediction for stats. Also included below will be my TOP 10 mock draft for PPR league's.


1. Drew Brees- Drew stay's at #1, based on past performance, and the health of Tom Brady. Can Brees break Marino's record?...I hope not.  

* Prediction- 36 td's and 4,800 yards

2. Tom Brady- Ya, i hate to put him here being a Dolphin fan and all, but if he's back to normal he's a lock for 30 td's. Weapons galore, scary is true.

* Prediction- 32 td' and 4,300 yards

3. Kurt Warner- Yes, i moved him up. The guy has talent all over the field, and i just can't seem to leave him any lower than 3. If somehow he can cut back on his INT'S he's got a shot to be #2. However i still think the Int's will be 17+, so it's a risky move..but he's my guy here.

*Prediction- 34 Td's and 4,400 yards

4. Philip Rivers- His numbers each week dont jump off the charts, but he get's it done. Keep's the turnover's low, and the Td's flowing. Should have another solid year behind him.

* Prediction- 31 td's and 3,800 yards

5. Peyton Manning- The big melon QB has the backround to solidify a Top 5 spot, but barely this year. A new system, his security blanket in Harrison will he do? Eli's got more money...

* Prediction - 29 td's and 3,500 yards

(Honorable Mention- A.Rodgers,Matt Ryan)



1. A. Peterson- Like i've stated before, the guy is nasty. Cut down the fumbles, and pure gold. Another monster season for AP is in store..

* Prediction- 1870 yards and 15 td's

2. MJD- How i left this guy off my June Mock is beyond me. My appologies has him @ #2. No Fred Taylor means more carries, more td's and more yards...but also brings the question of durability.

* Prediction- 1725 yards, and 17 td's

3. M. Turner- His first season as a start in the ATL was labeled outstanding. Now will teams focus more on him, or Roddy White/Gonzo? I think Turner stay's on track and has a very good season.

* Prediction- 1600 yards and 13 td's

4. Matt Forte- Jay Cutler to the rescue! Forte was getting to many guys in the box late last year, but still put up numbers. Duel threat w/ rushing and rec makes him a highly sought after player in this years drafts.

*Predicition- 1389 yards and 12 td's

5. Steve Slaton- Yes im keeping him in my Top 5. The lil' man has the chance to be something special again this year as the featured back. I'm looking for a big season, but will settle for a solid one.

*Prediction- 1400 yards and 11 td's

(Honorable Mention- S-Jax,Chris Johnson,D. Williams)


1. L. Fitzgerald- Say no more, but touchdown machine.

*Prediction- 100 rec's,1500 yards, and 13 td's

2. Randy Moss- With Brady back, Moss finds the endzone more.

*Prediction- 87 rec's,1300 yards and 15 td's

3. Andre Johnson-If Johnson can score more td's, he could be TOP 2.

*Prediction- 113 rec's,1490 yards and 9 td's

4. Greg Jennings- Seem's to have a comfort level with Rodgers, and these 2 should hook up often this year.

*Prediction- 85 rec's,1200 yards and 11 td's

5. Reggie Wayne- Yes i took Calvin off the big board and slotted Wayne in. Reggie is the primary #1 for Indy and Peyton will develop what he had w/ Harrison, now with Wayne. Need's to be more of a possesion WR for PPR league's but a solid WR option this year.

*Prediction- 80 rec's,1167 yards and 10 td's

(Honorable Mention- Calvin Johnson,R. White,Steve Smith)

Mock Draft for PPR LEAGUE

1. Adrian Peterson

2. Matt Forte

3. Michael Turner

4. MJD

5. Steven Jackson

6. Steve Slaton

7. Drew Brees

8. Chris Johnson

9. Larry Fitzgerald

10. Tom Brady




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