Not a Bandwagon Fan
Heading into this last series with Boston, I would have been happy if the Yankees just split the series and stayed ahead in the standings. Never did I think that after losing eight games in a row to the Red Sox, that the Yankees would prevail and win four in a row en route to sweeping the series in the Bronx. The Yankee pitching staff looked phenomenal. C.C. Sabathia had his best start of the season and finally showed why he is making the big bucks. This was the first time all year where I watched a game and noticed his opposing batters so out of sync as they were guessing on his fastball or if they were going to look foolish on the slider. The Red Sox hitters just could not figure him out and quite frankly either could I. The bullpen continued to look solid besides the homerun allowed by Phil Coke to Victor Martinez. The 15-inning game was remarkable. Regardless as to which Yankee pitcher they brought in, it seemed like they were able to do the job. Ladies and gentleman, how about we give Brian Bruney a round of applause for his performance is extra innings. Bruney has been struggling with his confidence and his placement of his pitches, but was finally able to get things rolling. If he is able to add to the Coke-Hughes-Rivera combination, the Yankee bullpen could easily be tops in the league. It is nice to finally give the bullpen some credit because in the beginning of the year they were struggling. So I will ride this high horse until it comes to a stop and give credit where credit is deserved. The one thing I did not like about the bullpen was Girardi???s limited use of Phil Hughes. Especially is game four of the series when the Yankees were up one run heading into the eighth and the Skip decided to bring in Coke. Hughes has been a dominant man in that role in past, why change things up? Luckily the Yankee bats were able to overcome Girardi???s error, but I hope he learned from his mistake. The Yankees bats were looking sluggish at time but the Red Sox (besides Smoltzy) were throwing the ball pretty decent at times. The Bombers were able to rely on the deep ball to win them their games, but I would much rather then go with get-um-on, get-um-over, and get-um-in mentality. All I know is that for the first time since 1998 that the Yankees not only have momentum but they look like they are having fun. A price tag cannot be put on the addition of the charismatic Swish and A.J. Keep rolling Yanks.


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