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I'm breaking my experience last weekend into 3 separate posts. I was hoping to get them all written up and out today, but it's not looking like that's the case. So I'll get the first one out and leave the other two possibly for tomorrow. The posts will be:

  • New England Revolution vs LA Galaxy
  • Watching David Becham Live
  • Watching Landon Donovan Live 

So if you're wanting to comment or learn about the later 2 points just wait until tomorrow and I'll give my analysis on and pictures of them.


I've been excited to go to this game for a couple weeks now. It's been hyped up a lot plus I knew it would be a key game, against key players, and I knew it would draw more attention and get more people out to the stadium than normal.

 We arrived at Gilette Stadium a couple hours before the game to attend a very nice presentation on 2010 season tickets. I have to say, it's wierd that I was never one to follow sports much to find myself in the Fidelity Clubhouse at Gilette Stadium listening to a pitch to buy season tickets. We've been to enough events there this year that that will be a serious consideration next year. Anyways on to the game.


Both teams came out very fierce. The Revs especially. In fact if you would have asked me who I thought would win during the first 30 minutes of the game I would have said New England Revolution without hesitation. I believe there was like 10 or 12 goal attempts by the Revs. They were putting on a lot of pressure but just couldn't quite finish the plays or get the goal into the net. 

A great shot by Landon Donovon put LA Galaxy at a 1-0 lead in the first half, but to to be honest I wasn't concerned. Revs usually play better in the second half and the way they were playing they were bound to come back for a tie or win. 

Second half however changed the entire outlook. A sloppy Rev defense mistake that seemed to be going in slow-motion but the Revs down 2-0 and the outlook changed completely. You could tell the wind was now out of their sails. Although the Revs managed to get a penalty kick about 10 minutes before game end, it wasn't enough to get the Revs back into the game. LAG was outrunning and outplaying them at that point. 

So it didn't end up being the game that I had hoped for. It was a key time and moment for the Revs coming off of 3 wins and a tie against their Eastern Conference rival. Beating LAG would have done a lot to keep the momentum and pressure in the standings and making it into the MLS playoffs, there are still a few games left to play, but that was a major blow in the way of Revolution's plans. More on the game in upcoming posts.




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