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Whether you are an athlete, coach, or an everyday pedestrian walking down the street, the odds are during your lifetime you have dirtied a pair of shoes. Grass stains, dirt stains, or scuffs, sneakers are bound to get filthy. It's just what happens. But the next step is completely up to you, how do you get though shoes looking the brand new again, or at least better than what they looked like before. The answer, Scrubbing Bubbles. Now I actually have some credibility when it comes to this subject. When I first heard of the idea it was during one of my umpiring trips down in Lehigh Valley. It just so happened I was umping with my dad that weekend, and like every good umpire should, before we got started, he took out all of his equipment and got to cleaning. Most of which required a rag and some water, but when it came to his shoes was when the Scrubbing Bubbles were busted out. Then the demonstration began. First take the Scrubbing Bubbles, yes, the same ones you use in your bathtub, and apply it to the dirty areas of your shoes. Now, when it first comes out it almost looks like your shoes are getting ruined because they are covered in foam, but it is okay, that's what is suppose to happen. Then simply let it sit for five seconds and then rub the surface. The Scrubbing Bubbles are like a soap you have never used before. When I first saw this being done I thought it was kind off comical, until I tried it for myself and it actually worked. It not only cleaned the surface of the shoes but it also acts like a moisturizer. Still not convinced, well listen to to this. Not only have I seen umpires use it, but also professional baseball players. During the summers I have the privilege of working for the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees. It was after one of their games when I happened to be in the locker room and I saw the equipment managers packing everything up and cleaning the uniforms and other materials. But when it came to the shoes, I watched ever so more closely. First they cleaned out the spikes and wiped off the bottoms with a hard bristled brush, and then it happened. They whipped out the Scrubbing Bubbles. It was then when I just sat there and laughed to myself, as what my dad had shown me was actually being used in professional baseball. If it is good enough for Jason Hirsch, newly acquired Yankee and the pair of shoes I happened to witness being washed, then it is good enough for me. For more check out my blog at


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