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Let me be clear before I get too far into this post. I don't have any strong feelings toward David Beckam one way or the other. In fact, before watching him live last Saturday, I had never even seen him play football in my life. Of course I have read the news and controversy. I'm also really interested in picking up The Beckham Experiment, as it seems like it is an interesting book. Some people have a love for the guy, some people hate him with a passion. I for one couldn't care less either way. I was curious going into last Saturday's game if he was worth all the hype that people give him. He wasn't.


I was severly unimpressed at David Beckham's performance last Saturday. Although they did beat the Revs 2-1, Beckham's contribution to that was about 0. It was apparent that he was either not taking the game seriously to give an effort or he was just too tired or unable to do so. He rarely put himself in a position to take control of the ball, when he did, he didn't do anything outstanding with it. He spent a lot of his time chatting to other players on the field, both on LAG as well as on the Revs.

Like I mentioned before, I haven't really watched Beckham before, so I wasn't sure if he was holding back or what, but the guy I saw on the field last Saturday was not worth an ounce of all the attention he got. And my did he get a lot of attention.

 The crowd was at least double its normal attendance. Cheers from 'The Fort' were probably 25% in support of the Revs and 75% anti-Beckham cheers. Pretty much any tune where you could insert the phrase, "Who the f*** is David Beckham? I have no f****ing clue." was a crowd favorite.

There were quite a lot of fans for him in the crowd, but most of them kept pretty quiet. Mostly a couple thousand 13 and 14 year old girls that just thought he was cute.

I don't have anything against the guy personally. There is obviously something about him if he can draw twice the crowd of a normal MLS game. Even if much of that crowd is people hating on him, that must have some value. I heard in a recent podcast about his role in the MLS being compared to as a Heel(villian) in Pro Wrestling. Yes people hate him, but that adds a lot of  emotion and interest to the games. I don't think that's what his promoters were going for, but at the same time there is value in that I think. 

Feel free to post your thoughts about him or the game.

For those of you like me, who have not seen much of his past, here's a video with a few highlights. Like I said, I don't care either way about the guy and the player that played in these clips is certainly not the same player who is playing on LAG at the moment, but it's worth knowing a little about where his carreer is coming from.


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