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  Here you go guys:  An NBA contributor named CLEVELAND DIEHARD has this to say about the NBA.  By the way guys, after the current homestand ends Sunday night, topdawgizalaw will post a new Braves report for you guys.

There have been more NBA free agent signing. Some small and some big. We will find out which ones will have the biggest impact once the seaon starts.

This list is not in order of significates

Grant Hill signs with the Sun, leaving the Magic. Now I am sure there will be alot of angry Magic fans because they will feel like they didn't get what they payed for in him. WHo has been injury prone through out his whole career. This will be a great fit for the Suns. Who now have a good SF who can hit the mid range jump shot and Hill should be able to run with the Suns but for how long. Hill should also help the Suns in the half court game when they are forced to play it. During times last season when the Suns could not run they struggled in the half court. With Amare down low and Hill roaming around the perimeter it should help out the Suns. With this addition look for the Suns to make a great run in the playoff. The Suns did not help there biggest weakness yet their defense.

Steve Blake signs with the Blazers leaving the Nuggets. Signing a 3 year deal. Blake was a very sought after free agent this year. Blake returns to the Blazers and will likely be the one passing the ball to Greg Oden this year. Blake knows how to run a team and he plays solid and can hit the 3 at a good percent. Now it looks like with this signing Jarett Jack might be the odd man out in Portland. The Blazer should be able to trade the young PG and get a player to fill one of there holes. Also in other Blazer news they have resigned sf/pf Travis Outlaw to a 3 years at 12 million a season. Outlaw will be a key for the Blazers as he is arguably the Blazers best perimeter defender. Outlaw and Oden will be a great inside out defensive pair.

 Luke Walton signs a 6 year 30 million dollar deal to stay with the Lakers. Walton is a perfect fit for the Lakers and the triangle offense. Luke is a great passer and plays solid and can score if needed. Walton is just an all around smart basketball player. Walton is one o fthe few teammates that Kobe actually wants on the team and works well with. In other Laker news they have also signed Derrick Fisher to a contract. Fisher a past Laker was on the title teams and is loved in Laker land. He comes back to were it all started. Fisher will show what it means to be a Laker with his hard nose play and all out hussel. Fisher should be the starting point guard for the Lakers.

 Chucky Atkins signs a 2 year deal worth alittle over 6 million with the Nuggets. Atkins is a shoot first point guard. Why the nuggets signed another player that thinks shoot first and pass later is beyond me. Atkins will also be missing in the defensive department also well. Something the nuggets need. With Iverson, Melo, JR Smith, Nene, and now Atkins will there be enough basketball to go around in Denver.

Deshawn Stevenson signs a 4 year 15 million dollar deal to stay with the Wizards. Stevenson played all 82 games starting at the sg position last seaon for the Wizards. One of the few who stayed healthy all year for the Wizards. Stevenson is the perfect fit for the style of play the Wizards run. He is not shy to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court and his defensive play has been getting better and better each year. Something the Wizards need on the perimeter. Now with Gilbert Arenas and Jamison becoming gree agents next year. It is likely they will lose one of them it was key for the Wizards to resign Stevenson and they did not over pay for him.

Alonzo Mourning returns for one more year with the Heat. This is huge for the Heat who needed Zo and his 2 blocks a game. Zo and Shaq are not getting any younger but with Zo back Shaq will not have to play as many minutes in the regular season. Everyone knows Shaq is not what he used to be but when fresh and healthy he is still dominate. Zo lets the Heat rest Shaq for long periods of time without worry. Zo is still a force in the paint in the NBA and still one of the nest shot blockers in the NBA.

Matt Carroll signs a 6 year deal to remain with the Bobcats. Carroll is a 3 point specialist and he also showed last season he can score with his mid range jumper and can take it to the hoop when needed. Carroll played alot of minutes for the Bobcats last season and was one of there leading scorer. Now with the addition of jason Richardson he will get to see alot of open 3 point looks. Carroll will provide good scoring off the bench.

Jason Hart signs with the Jazz to a multi-year contract. The Jazz are hoping that Hart can replace Derrick Fisher as the backup point guard and sometimes sg. Now losing Fisher will be a huge blow to the Jazz he provided veteran leadership and playoff experience. Hart will in no way be able to replace all of that. Also the Jazz draft a good undersized pg last year Deron Williams teammate at Illinois Dee Brown who in limited time did a solid job until he got injuried. Brown and Williams already have the chemistry between them and that might work to the Jazz advantage. I don't like the Hart signing .

 Devean George resigns with the Mavs for 1 year 2.5 million. George is a solid player off the bench who has played in some big time games with the Lakers. He bring experience and good defensive play. George can also hit the open 3. Anything else he prodives is a gift. Also the Mavs have resigned Jerry Stackhouse to a 3 year contract. Now Stackhouse was the most reliable player on the Mavs last year in the regular season and the playoffs. Stackhouse is a great sixth man for the Mavs. He can still score at will and that is all the Mavs need from him.

Matt Bonner, Jacque Vaughn, Fabrico Oberto all resign with the Spurs. Now Oberto started for the Spurs through out the season and the playoffs and he provided good energy and defense. Vaughn backed up Parker and played the role that the Spurs needed him to play. Bonner did not play that much but he will be a key player to have around if the Spurs are hit with injuries. He is a tall player who can rebound and shoot the 3 very well.

That is all for now. More blogs will come once more players sign


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