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Before I begin this post, I want to say I do not condone Dog Fighting.

Michael Vick going to the Eagles; And the way they already treat him

I am very happy that Michael Vick got a second chance at football. He was one of my favorite players growing up and its good to see this man get a chance to redeem himself. Next to Minnesota or Pittsburgh, the Eagles are a great place to revamp his career. He has a strong owner , coach and leader in Donovan McNabb to steer him in the right direction. While gets a chance to get in football shape, he easlily gets a chance to be the 2nd QB. Sorry A.J Feely and Kevin Kolb, one will get cut. We all know that McNabb is injury prone , so Vick oppurtunity of playing is already inhanced.

The way Philly fans have treated him is justified but seems not right. The man payed his debt to society. He said he was sorry and remorceful. Vick can only help you. The NFC is WIDE open this season, and with the addition of Michael Vick, Jeremy Mclain and Mckoy puts you guys in great position to make the Super Bowl. I understand that you dont know where he will play, but just know that you are getting one the BEST Athletes Of ALL TIME. He is 29, still got 3-4 years of football in him. I think Philly should judge him on his present and future and not the PAST.

Plaxico Burress Case

I understand the gun laws in New York and respect it but Plaxico Burress is being made the scapegoat in New York. The Man shot himself!!!!!!! He didnt kill anybody, he didnt point it at anybody. His first offense  is probably going to get him 3 years in Jail??? That insanly stupid. Im not saying Race is a issue but what if Donald Trump had that gun??? Would he be going on trial inorder to put him in jail for 3 years?? Would Donald Trump have the Mayor saying full punishment?? I highly doubt that. I think the city of New York lost out on Puff Daddy in jail, so they want Plax in jail. The man brought a Super Bowl to New York and in less than a year, he is being made the cover-boy of Gun Charges.

And its Sad to tell you the truth. That this great talent will probably never play a down ever again. By the time he gets out , he will be too old and washed up to be a elite NFL reciever. To a Great Catch in the Super Bowl to Jail time????

 Michael Crabtree

This is a perfect example of having the wrong people in your life. If you do not know by now, San Fransico draft pick, Michael Crabtree wants more money than Darrius Haywood -Bey. Another Wide Reciever that was drafted ahead of him. I'm sorry when in the world di you have the right to demand all this money when you are coming off a leg injury and a rookie??? These Rookies make me sick. You never played a down in the NFL but want to be played like one of the best... That ridicoulous. You are not Terrel Owens, Randy Moss or Andre Johnson. You havent proved yourself yet. So why should you get payed like the best.

College is minor leagues to the NFL. That were in such a bad Econmy, that you think you have the right to reject a multi million dollar offer, when there are parents and kids losing houses and food. Michael SHOULD BE GRATEFUL that he was blessed with God given talent that makes him millions and millions of dollars. **** and stop whining because you wasnt picked Number 7. Last time I checked the San Fransico 49ers is a way better organization then the Raiders, so be grateful youy were number 10.

And your threating to sit out camp???And enter the Draft year. If you dont sign , Michael will get drafted lower than this season. So get to your agent and the 49ers and SIGN THE BEST OFFER THEY ARE WILLING TO OFFER!!!



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