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I always find these fun to do so here goes

1. Angels- The hottest team in basebal right now, and the most complete for their style of play, this might get argued, but they are my pick for the World Series

2. Red Sox- Even with Manny and Ortiz having subpar years, their superb pitching leads them to a runaway(?) victory in the East

3. Tigers- The best hitting team in the majors, .302 against lefties. Would be the #1 team if it weren't for their oft-injured bullpen

4. Indians- Meek starting behind Sabathia and Carmona, however their hitting should clinch them the Wildcard, if not the division

5. Brewers- Slowed down after hot April, but still has the talent to be considered a World Series caliber team

6. Mariners- Has lately been the hottest team in baseball, may win wildcard despite mediocre hitting behind Ichiro

7. San Diego- 2nd in the NL West, but pitching duo of Peavy and Young the best in baseball

8. New York Mets- In my eyes, the disapointment of the NL. Despite being heavy favorites for winning the East, just can't pull away

9. Dodgers- Leading division, but weak hitting may slow them down, and what happened to my guy Nomah!?

10. Cubs- The hottest team in the NL, could this be the year? Probably not, but the way there spending, they are quick becoming the Yankees of the NL

11. Braves- Quietly having a solid season without stars such as Andruw Jones and Brian McCann performing remotely as well as last year

12. Yankees- Quickly reached, surpassed .500, gaining momentum

13. Minnesota- Should make a push behind the 2nd half God, Santana

14. Arizona- With all the young talent they have, they're only a few years away

15. Phillies- Should pick up steam with increased productioin from Howard, need to add a starter to have a hope of the playoffs

16. Rockies- One week they seem like contenders, the next they don't win a single game, need to be more consistent

17. Florida- Doing the most they can with as little as they got, Ramirez really showing he's a star at SS

18. Toronto- With injuries to their top two pitchers, this is the year of what if's 

19. Cardinals- Should pick up steam in 2nd half, Pujols finally starting to hit for power again 

20. Orioles- Showing some talent with Bedard and Guthrie, but not enough pitching and hitting to make them contenders, need to trade Tejeda before interest completely goes away

21. White Sox- Can't hit, can't close a game, a disapointment for the 2005 WS champs, Kenny should be raising the White Flag soon

22. Athletics- Mired in an 8 game losing streak, Haren the only bright spot on this dismal team

23. Rangers- Once again, not enough pitching

24. Pirates- Jason Bay and Adam Laroche should heat up, this team just needs to keep rebuilding

25. Houston- Their fans are still hoping for a miracle, and in the Central, who knows?

26. Nationals- performing much better than expected

27. Giants- With Barry Bonds in an 0-21 slump, maybe he'll never never break the record, if only...

28. Royals- Getting better, but they don't have enough of anything to be competetive for a while

29. Devil Rays- At least they have Elijah Dukes to look forward to

30. Reds- What can you say about the worst team in the majors? Dunn should be traded for pitchers, or whatever they can get for the K king 

Theirs my first blog, hope you like it :) 


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