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There are many stories I can tell about people dying, getting hurt, or just being humiliated just because they are idiots who do moronic things. Some of these stories involve athletes. They may be good at sports, but they don't have to be smart. Enjoy:

Bret Barberie, Chicago Cubs- Burned his eyes when he didn't wash his hands after touching some very hot peppers and then trying to put his contact lenses on.

Gus Frerotte, St. Louis Rams- went to the hospital for a head injury after he banged his head against a wall in a TD celebration. What he didn't know was the wall was only a very thin layer of form and a huge block of concrete.

John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves- tried to iron his shirt. WHILE WEARING IT! Not the greatest moment.

Wade Boggs, Whichever Team He Played For At The Time- injuried his back because he lost his balance putting on cowboy boots.

Odiebe McDowell, Texas Rangers- cut his finger buttering a roll.

Chris Brown- he "slept on his eye the wrong way." Whatever the hell that means.

Phil Niekro- shaking someone's hand too hard. His hand got hurt.

Rick Honeycutt(greatest name ever)- injuried his wrist flicking sunflower seeds in the dugout.

Nolan Ryan- bitten by a coyote. What I wanna know is what the hell was he doing with a coyote?

Sammy Sosa, Cubs- suffered back spasms when he started to "sneeze too hard."

Adam Eaton, Rangers- stabbed himself in the stomach trying to open the security tape on a DVD with a paring knife.

Steve Sparks, Brewers- injuried trying to rip a phone book in half. Dislocated his shoulder. LOL!!!!

Marty Cordova- this guy won the ROY in 1995, then fell asleep in a tanning bed. Was never the same.

RICKY HENDERSON GOT FROSTBITE......IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!

Chris Hansen, Panthers- was trying to chop wood with an axe for some strange reason and he lost his balance, causing the axe to drive in his left leg. OUCH!!!!! How the hell did he hit his leg?????

Glenallen Hill- rolled off his couch and fell through a glass table after he had a nightmare about spiders.

Oliver Perez- broke his foot after kicking a laundry cart because he sucked.

Whitey Lockman- didn't get any sleep because of crickets.

Charles Hudson, Rangers(Again with the Rangers???)- shot himself in the finger. WOW, just WOW!

Mickey Tettleton- got an infected foot after tying his shoelaces too tight.

Carlos Perez- broke his nose in a car accident........because he was trying to pass the team bus!!!!!

David Cone- once missed a game because his mother-in-law's dog attacked him.

Tom Glavine, Braves- broke his rib when he threw up on an airplane.

That is it for now. I got more. They just don't have to do with sports. I can do those some other time.



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