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Basically what the title says, I'll do them in order of position starting with QB.  On some picks I digged pretty deep so just stay with me:


QB David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars

He finished top 10 last year in fantasy points so it's interesting why he may be a sleeper but no one gives him his due.  I've been in many fantasy drafts and not once have I seen anyone pick him (other than me).  He is a safe bet for at least 3,500 passing yards with some good rushing numbers.  Adding Torry Holt to a weak offense will only help, he could even pass for 20 TDs.

QB Matt Leinart, Arizona Cardinals

It's just my gut feeling that Kurt Warner gets injured (he already is).  If he does, Leinart has the best offense in the league all to himself.  We saw that he has the potential to do great things at USC and his rookie year, since then his struggles have only been off-field and mental.  If he gets his head back in the game and he gets decent playing time even if it isn't as a full-time starter, at least 2,500 yards and 15 TDs isn't out of question.

QB Daunte Culpepper, Detroit Lions

Culpepper will likely get the Lions starting QB job to start the season.  He shed 30 pounds in the off-season and seems pumped up to play, so it isn't out of question if he holds the starting job from Matthew Stafford all season.  Culpepper has a good catching runningback in Kevin Smith, good recievers in Dennis Northcutt, Bryant Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew and, of course, a little guy named Calvin Johnson.  Jon Kitna did great in this offense, Culpepper can do.  Maybe 3,000 yards and 15 TDs.

QB Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins

I just love Henne's upside.  He's a great pocket passer with explosive targets to pass to and only an inconsistent QB with no arm to steal the job from.  If Pennington gets injured or starts struggling, Henne is the first guy in and that could happen fairly soon.  Henne has the potential to pass for 3,000 yards in a full season.

RB Pierre Thomas, New Orleans Saints

I don't know if you can even call him a sleeper anymore since everyone is talking highly about him but I'll put him on my list anyway.  He's a great goal line back and a great power back as well.  There really is no threat of Reggie Bush stealing the job from him because Bush will be used as more of a reciever, Thomas will be the feature back.

RB Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers

Grant fell out of favor from most fantasy owners at the beginning of the season but he was a top 5 runningback for the second half of the season.  He'll never be able to match his 2007 numbers but he should be able to do better than last year's numbers.  The Packers may also try to get him to be more of a factor in the passing game since Aaron Rodgers is a stud.

RB Darren Sproles, San Diego Chargers

Sproles could be one of the fastest running backs in the NFL, there is only one downside to him, he's small.  But that might not matter since he averaged 5.4 YPC last year and is the only option to play if LaDainian Tomlinson struggles or gets injured, either one should happen at his age.  Sproles is good for 600 yards at least, whether he starts or not.

RB Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Cheifs

Another speedy back who has the opportunity of stealing carries from another well known RB, Larry Johnson.  Johnson basically fell of the face of the earth in recent years and the Cheifs are happy to use Charles.  He has great hands, great speed and he has protection at the QB position with Matt Cassell.  Sounds good everywhere.

RB Kenneth Darby, St. Louis Rams

Any back behind Steven Jackson has value.  Jackson is basically a walking wound and Darby should get good playing time.  He's a good all-around player and he has good hands.  He isn't the sexiest option but if Jackson goes down, this is the first guy you go to.

WR Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys favored Austin over Patrick Crayton last year until he got injured.  Now, without Terrell Owens, he has the chance to be the No. 2 reciever and getting the ball thrown at him a lot more.  It looks like Crayton might start out ahead on the depth chart at the beginning of the season but Austin should take over.  He's a good bet for 800 yards and 5 or 6 TDs with Tony Romo throwing to him.  I'm serious, he's talented.

WR Mario Manningham, New York Giants

He doesn't have the greatest hands nor does he have the greatest dedication and character.  But what he can be is the No. 1 deep threat on a team that just lost their best wide reciever.  He's a huge boom or bust pick but pretty much every Giants reciever is.  You know that at least one Giants reciever is going to have a great year and my pick is Manningham.

 WR Ronald Curry, St. Louis Rams

Ronald Curry has tremendous potential to be a top 30 fantasy reciever.  He has totaled 50 receptions and 700 yards in recent years while seeing inconsistent playing time.  Last year he fell out of favor in Oakland and got released but St. Louis is a great place for him, he could be a No. 1 target on a team with a decent QB playing on a team where all the focus is on the RB.

WR Antwan Randle El, Washington Redskins

Randle El keeps getting thrown under the bus then he keeps getting decent fantasy stats.  I don't know why but I just have a feeling this is the year Randle El breaks out.  Jason Campbell seems more motivated than ever and Randle El should be the No. 2 reciever on the team.

TE Brad Cottam, Kansas City Cheifs

The Cheifs offense this year is going to be more high flying and they insist they traded Tony Gonzalez because they don't need a great TE.  Don't believe those rumors.  QB Matt Cassell only has one good target to pass to right now in Dwayne Bowe and the Cheifs have had success using a TE in the passing game.  Cottam is huge and a decent catcher.

TE Leonard Pope, Arizona Cardinals

Pope has fantastic potential and he scored 5 TDs just two years ago.  Sounds good, right?  Well, he's stuck behind a few guys named Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, and he isn't a great blocker which could make his playing time inconsistent.  He is still a good athlete and, again, has the potential to break out.  It's only a matter of if he lives up to his potential.

K Jason Hanson, Detroit Lions

The Lions will probably have a decent offense this year but it looks like it has all of the makings to stall in the red zone.  They could have a rookie QB under center with a 2nd year running back.  Hanson should get plenty of opportunities and he's been Mr. Consistent for a while.


I kind of sped through this blog so there are probably lots of mistakes but enjoy!


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